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Checkout our list of 6 top buy here pay here car lots dealers in Carrollton TX sorted by highest rating. We have ranked the Carrollton's BHPH dealers based on reviews, location and our internal ranking system to provide you with the list of best dealers only.

  • Hyatt Imports & Exports, TX

  • Gary’s Used Cars, TX

  • Texas Carz, TX

  • AUTO PLAZA Buy Here Pay Here, BHPH, TX

  • Hyatt Imports Inc, TX

  • Have you ever considered buy here pay here Carrollton TX car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships in Carrollton TX compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. The biggest difference between a Carrollton buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. This means that the monthly bills are made to your local auto dealer, not through some bank or other outside lender, and that the actual financial contract for your car is between you and the dealer only, instead of a bank or other outside lender. Here we have listed best such dealers sorted by reviews rating and everything you need to know about. We have also created a complete profile of each dealer so you can get everything including of contact details at one place for your next car purchase.

    When a buyer needs to purchase a vehicle, they will need to approach the Carrollton dealer with financing needs. The financing will depend on many things, including the amount of the down payment, the credit score of the buyer, and the income of the buyer in Carrollton. Many people fail to take the time to do proper research when they are shopping for a vehicle. They either go with the first financing company that they see or end up getting sold a "bad credit borrower" vehicle.

  • Reflection Auto, TX

  • Buy here pay here Carrollton TX no down payment dealerships

    Looking for Carrollton Buy here pay here dealerships with low or no down payment? Welll, you are on right place now. Here we have listed 6 best BHPH Carrollton TX dealers you can contact to buy your vehicle. is an online portal which connects you with a nearby Carrollton's car dealer in your area that will be most helpful to you. Once a dealer accepts your application for financing your vehicle you will be contacted to visit the dealer and shop your choice. We don't charge anything here. This portal is just to connect you with the best buy here pay here Carrollton dealership.

    Buy here pay here Carrollton TX car lots dealers

    Buy Here Pay Here Carrollton TX Car Lots are the dealers who are specializes in helping people who have no credit, bad credit, low credit, or have been denied due to bankruptcy drive again. If you are looking to buy vehicle and have low credit it is quite difficult to get approved through traditional financing. Thus we offer an solution to find Carrollton TX BHPH dealer you can contact for in house auto financing directly from the dealership to you. Even with bad credit or bankruptcy, these dealers can help you get the financing you need. We have listed 6 dealers above sorted by reviews and location near you. Feel free to view profile, read reviews and contact them you will the best financing you need to buy your vehicle.

    How does buy here pay here Carrollton work?

    Well, the process is simple. You go to one of these 6 lots, you present your vehicle information, and then the salesperson will let you know what the going prices are for the particular model you are looking at. You can also go and see the rest of the cars if there are any. Once you find the one you are interested in, you can come back any time to buy it.

    Carrollton TX buy here pay here Reviews

    Here is what users says about Carrollton BHPH dealers listed here. You can read reviews of individual dealer at their profile page.

    1. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Ruby Pierce
      Ruby Pierce rated Hyatt Imports & Exports

    2. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Sergio Calderon
      Sergio Calderon rated Hyatt Imports & Exports

    3. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Yvette Owens
      Yvette Owens rated Gary’s Used Cars

      Saul was absolutely great answered every question I had, without making me feel I was a bother. The process wasn't and all day long thing. I'm pleased with my 2016 Nissan Rogue.

    4. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Lolaaa PINK
      Lolaaa PINK rated Gary’s Used Cars

      So I brought my very first car from here yesterday, and with me being young & a girl I was so nervous because I know how salesman can be, they will lie just to make their commission so I was really nervous. Anyways; I went here & SERGIO IS SO NICE, Respectful. And they don’t make you feel stupid, nor say anything just to make a sale. They really treat you nice here. I told him I was in a rush and he got me in a car less that 1Hr & 30 mins. Not only that; he got me a car I wanted and made sure everything was ok before I left. I highly recommend this place. They have good cars for a good price .

    5. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by SP Wood
      SP Wood rated Texas Carz

      Personally, I have never shopped for a vehicle in an atmosphere like this -- a warehouse, direct-to-sale environment. I wasn't sure what to think but I've always trusted my first impressions. A.J. created that impression and I was thankful I called. He established immediate rapport and definite trust with the vehicle and the price. Getting to this Texas Carz dealership galvanized my feelings. It was personal, transparent, and the absolute quickest car sale I have ever experienced. I will return and refer for this organization whenever I can. Consider a different experience and shop for a vehicle here.

    6. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Terence Glenn
      Terence Glenn rated Texas Carz

      Great place to buy your next car or truck. The owner is a family man and he works with you to make sure he is getting you the best deal for your money.

    7. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Jordin Espinoza
      Jordin Espinoza rated AUTO PLAZA Buy Here Pay Here, BHPH

      Came here and they had a great selection. Ron was an amazing and very helpful. He got us a great deal and into a great car! Would definitely recommend this place!

    8. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Aujene Senkevich
      Aujene Senkevich rated AUTO PLAZA Buy Here Pay Here, BHPH

      Amazing customer service. Great experience she helped through every step of the way to make sure we got a car that was a good fit for the buyer. I would recommend Shamorrow she's amazing and sweet honest and good at her job. Come in and get you something she won't let you walk out without something for YOU!

    9. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by fernando merjil
      fernando merjil rated Hyatt Imports Inc

      Its one of thr best little down let you get a car Lady on the front desk real nice person ?she let you go from the beginning to the end real nice ?

    10. buy here pay here Carrollton dealer review by Juan Solis
      Juan Solis rated Hyatt Imports Inc

      Very good place to buy a used car.

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