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Adams Street Motors in Boston, Massachusetts, MA. Buy here pay here Dealer in MA with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Adams Street Motors, Boston, MA on Adams Street Motors located at 326 Adams St, Dorchester, MA 02122, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Boston Dealers. Adams Street Motors are 3.7 rated out of 5 by 50 users reviews.

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Rated 3.7 Out of 5 from 50 reviews

Adams Street Motors Reviews

Here is what users says about Adams Street Motors.

  1. Carlita Martinez reviewed Adams Street Motors
    Carlita Martinez

    The owner is very nice and consider with his customers I love to go there nice people, and good price.

  2. Freddy Soto reviewed Adams Street Motors
    Freddy Soto

    Nice and clean cars, good customer service, and gr8 prices.

  3. Theresa Sprague reviewed Adams Street Motors
    Theresa Sprague

    Great service, nice employees who are willing to work with you to solve problems in your vehicle. My son bought his first car from them. It was priced right, clean and seemed to be in good shape. After taking it home, the car stalled. We brought it back to Adams Street Motors to have it repaired. It stalled a few times after that. Each time we brought it back, they were willing to work with us to fix the problem until it was solved. No hassles. Carl and Lee genuinely wanted to help and do good business. The problem with the car was fixed and it is running great.

  4. Rochelle Jacks reviewed Adams Street Motors
    Rochelle Jacks

    If you want a junk car then shop here. I have bought several cars and the last one I bought was trouble from the start. I have called to complain that it overheated and many other problems only to be met with disbelief. Do yourself a favor save your money and shop else. They buy wreck cars and paint over them.

  5. Steven Lahti reviewed Adams Street Motors
    Steven Lahti

    I bought a car from Adam's St 13 months ago. They financed me when NOBODY else would. By getting that car my credit has gone up close to 200 points and is almost paid off. Besides the usual issues with a 10 year old car, I couldn't be happier. Just got my sticker and have no doubt she will last me until it's time to upgrade. Thank you Adam's St Motors! Hope the tomatoes came in good this year.