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Alan Webb Chevrolet in Vancouver, Washington, WA. Buy here pay here Dealer in WA with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Alan Webb Chevrolet, Vancouver, WA on Alan Webb Chevrolet located at 3712 NE 66th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98661, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Vancouver Dealers. Alan Webb Chevrolet are 3.9 rated out of 5 by 568 users reviews.

Have you ever considered buy here pay here near me car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. Located at 3712 NE 66th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98661, United States, Alan Webb Chevrolet is dealer you can consider. The biggest difference between a buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. You can contact Alan Webb Chevrolet using the contact details given below.

How to book an appointment with Alan Webb Chevrolet?

At buy here pay here near me, we made it easy to book appointment with best dealers. You can book appointment with Alan Webb Chevrolet either by calling their contact number (360) 574-1131 or fill the contact form above.

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Rated 3.9 Out of 5 from 568 reviews

Alan Webb Chevrolet Reviews

Here is what users says about Alan Webb Chevrolet.

  1. Rick Arnold reviewed Alan Webb Chevrolet
    Rick Arnold

    I was so impressed when I bought my wife’s SUV I went back to buy my truck 3 months later. Amazing sales people. I’ve been around and have experienced those dealership games NOT HERE! They are straight shooters. Mason my salesman was Prior Military , like myself and we got along well. The service department is great too, making it a pleasant experience all around. The. At below is my old school toy. I’m a car guy and thought people might like seeing the 1969 Charger.

  2. john C reviewed Alan Webb Chevrolet
    john C

    My quote for repair went from $610 to $300 to $157. As my current mechanic stated, "They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar." This review is specifically for the service department. I had taken my vehicle here because it essentially died at a stoplight. I had it towed to this dealership because I believed it to be the alternator which had still been under warranty and needed a GM dealer to honor that warranty. I called Alan Webb and was told that it would be checked out first thing in the morning. I didn't receive a call until 3:30pm the next day and they had told me it was a fusible link for the alternator. I then received a quote of $610 to repair the damage which was the fusible link replacement along with the initial inspection. After I told the gentleman named Adam, that that price was really high and I would find another shop to fix it; Adam said okay and we ended the call. After setting up an appointment with another repair shop in town, Adam from Alan Webb called me back and said the mechanic was willing to come down in price to around $300. I found this very weird since they basically cut the price in half. I still refused the offer and decided to drive down to Alan Webb Chevrolet and have a tow truck pick up my vehicle. After arriving at Alan Webb, I spoke to Adam again about the original quote and why it was so high initially. Adam explained to me that the fusible link was internal and not external and was a time consuming repair. He then asked what he could do to get me to stay and have my vehicle repaired there. I told him that I already had plans and a towing company picking it up. Adam then told me to cancel the towing and that my vehicle was already fixed and the fusible link was replaced. The reason for the one star rating is because I personally felt like these people literally lied to my face and tried up charge me for a simple repair. I was thankful for paying $157 however, I do not have a peace of mind about the whole situation and I'm still taking it to a repair shop to have another opinion. I feel like no one should have to feel apprehensive about taking a vehicle into an actually licensed Chevrolet service repair shop and that we, as customers, should not have to feel like they have to bargain to get a fair price for a repair. I appreciated Adam for negotiating the price with the mechanic since Adam did say it was the quote from the mechanic and not him. Regardless, I should not have the cashier bargain for my repair costs. Needless to say, I will not bring my time nor money to this establishment again.

  3. Rachael Durrance reviewed Alan Webb Chevrolet
    Rachael Durrance

    We came in just to test drive but the experience was so effortless we actually came home with a new car! Mason, our salesman, was nice and accommodating to our budget. I never felt pressured which is the main reason we ended up purchasing. The finance guys were also very helpful and friendly. All around great experience and great staff!

  4. Michael Burleson reviewed Alan Webb Chevrolet
    Michael Burleson

    Really easy to buy my first electric car! I thought the deals Chevy was offering were too good to be true but they weren't! A new 2020 Bolt was affordable for me. Travis, in particular, was awesome at helping me out. So excited to own my first electric car!

  5. Andrea Hammond reviewed Alan Webb Chevrolet
    Andrea Hammond

    We were very disappointed with our service. We went in with an appointment for the special tax stimulus thing they had going on for trading in your car. They wouldn't tell us what they were offering for our car to buy back/trade in we were the last appointment Saturday night and were told by noon or one the next day we would have an answer about what we could get approved for. We don't have the best credit so we didn't have high hopes. Waited until one on Sunday had to call to find out anything still didn't have anything were told they were slammed. We should have been first in line since we were there the night before if we had known in order to be first in line we needed to be there we would have shown up first thing finally at 4 they say we have to wait until Tuesday for a certain bank to be open. Again waited until 3 to hear they didn't have an offer for us. Still wouldn't tell us why or if there was any sort of offer or how much they would buy our car for it was really shady I feel like. 6 months earlier we were at another dealership and they were able to tell us what the offer was and how much for our car. Granted the offer didn't fit what we could do but it was at least something over nothing at all just a sorry we won't tell you anything at all. Would not recommend you go here unless you own your car for trade in. And have perfect credit otherwise they don't want to actually sell you a car.