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Austin Century Auto Sales in Round Rock, Texas, TX. Buy here pay here Dealer in TX with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Austin Century Auto Sales, Round Rock, TX on Austin Century Auto Sales located at 15402 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78717, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Round Rock Dealers. Austin Century Auto Sales are 4 rated out of 5 by 50 users reviews.

Have you ever considered buy here pay here car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. Located at 15402 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX 78717, United States, Austin Century Auto Sales is dealer you can consider. The biggest difference between a buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. You can contact Austin Century Auto Sales using the contact details given below.

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You can contact Austin Century Auto Sales at (512) 371-9191. Subscribe to our newsletter using the form above to get latest loan offers in Round Rock from Austin Century Auto Sales and our popular buy here pay here dealers near you.


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Rated 4 Out of 5 from 50 reviews

Austin Century Auto Sales Reviews

Here is what users says about Austin Century Auto Sales.

  1. Reza Amirnejat reviewed Austin Century Auto Sales
    Reza Amirnejat

    For anyone looking for a good used vehicle i recommend Austin Century. From day one when i came to look around and decide what vehicle i wanted they treated me very well. i test drove the vehicle and the check engine light came on, they said not to worry they would take care of it not to worry. at first sounded too good to be true but they meant what they said. did not give me the run around they found out what the issue was and fixed it. They were honest with me and made me feel at ease knowing i was making a good purchase. Its been almost a month and from purchasing vehicle and they still call me and ask how the vehicle is and if any issues were to come up in the future and if they could fix it for cheaper than the quote i got they would do it. that alone puts me at ease. Thank you everybody at Austin Century great people to do business with.

  2. Drew Sommers reviewed Austin Century Auto Sales
    Drew Sommers

    I purchased a car from here and it had severe mechanical issues and had to bring the car back several times to be repaired. The car broke down on me while driving it 3 separate times, and had to reset the car to get it to run every time. Finally got the bank involved and Austin Century agreed to take it to the manufacture and have it checked out. (Transmission was slipping really badly) They had the car for almost a week before they took the car to the manufacture, then after being at the manufacture for a week I get a phone call from the banker and he tells me there is nothing wrong with the transmission. I ask for the contact info to the service adviser that told him this information. While speaking to the adviser he informed me that they did not find any issues with the car after scanning it and driving it. I explained to him what I was experiencing with it and asked him if Transmission Stop Slip where put in the car would it cause it to act normal for a short period of time. The service adviser said that is a good possibility. I told him I would call him back. I called the banker back and told him that I wanted the transmission flushed and re-diagnosed. The banker said he would call Austin Century with my request. He calls me back and says they refuse to let the manufacture do what I request, which tells me they are hiding something. I asked the banker and we can undo the sale and I get my down payment back and he says yes. I spoke with the salesman from Austin Century and told him I want my down payment returned in cash because i paid it in cash. They refused, I said okay send me a picture of the check before I return the loaner. (The loaner was a major piece of junk as well) I get said picture and take the loaner to Austin Century and receive check for my down payment reimbursement. I take the check to the bank within 10 minutes and the bank says there is a stop payment on the check. they stole $1,500.00 from me!!!

  3. c c reviewed Austin Century Auto Sales
    c c

    Austin Century is totally worth the drive! Independent, honest, and friendly- these guys have generous prices on great cars. (So generous that I obtained an independent inspection on the car prior to purchase: not a thing wrong with it!) In my month-long search for a car, I encountered many unfortunate personalities at other dealerships. Such a relief to come across this homey spot where employees were so accommodating to my purchasing preferences- answering questions, giving me space, addressing concerns, coordinating with the independent inspector, welcoming my bank as the financier (instead of wasting my time with bulls* offers or add-ons). My jaw dropped when I saw the final price- I didn't think dealers could add so *little* to the sticker. Thank you for being so straight forward!! If customer service, honest deals, and affordability are important to you- this was the absolute best place to buy a car that I could find in (around?) Austin.

  4. Tracy Brown reviewed Austin Century Auto Sales
    Tracy Brown

    They're ok, friendly service, but check the cars carefully.

  5. Rk Bout reviewed Austin Century Auto Sales
    Rk Bout

    Very friendly helpful staff. They sold a Kia Forte to my son and then repaired my Nissan Altima that had broke down on their lot. They have a lot of good advice. They were patient and very informative. They can also look for you if there is a car you are interested in and help you reach your automotive needs. They have a company they work with to help you get your car financed. Give them a call. They are fair honest and family oriented as well.