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Baycoast Auto Sales llc in Tampa, Florida, FL. Buy here pay here Dealer in FL with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Baycoast Auto Sales llc, Tampa, FL on Baycoast Auto Sales llc located at 7402 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Tampa Dealers. Baycoast Auto Sales llc are 3.5 rated out of 5 by 69 users reviews.

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Rated 3.5 Out of 5 from 69 reviews

Baycoast Auto Sales llc Reviews

Here is what users says about Baycoast Auto Sales llc.

  1. Cionne Simmons reviewed Baycoast Auto Sales llc
    Cionne Simmons

    This is was the worst experience of my life, they let an employee sell me a car from their house didn’t tell me, they also didn’t tell me the true conditions of the car, it almost blew up with me and my baby in it two weeks after purchasing, and when I returned to get to the bottom of it, they told me the person who sold me the car was no longer an employee, yet my bill of sale says BayCoast Autos.... just stay away from them if I were you

  2. Sandy Green reviewed Baycoast Auto Sales llc
    Sandy Green

    I saw my new Altima on line, drove to Tampa to see it made a down payment. Came back next morning paid the remaining balance and everything was ready to go. I'm very happy!!

  3. Mariane Noel reviewed Baycoast Auto Sales llc
    Mariane Noel

    I purchased my first car here a 2016 Nissan Altima with 43,000 miles I love my car. I love baycoast auto They provide great service they work with you. If you want a long lasting vehicle go to Baycoast Auto. You won’t regret it. ?

  4. Bailee Shea reviewed Baycoast Auto Sales llc
    Bailee Shea

    I got a 2012 Crysler 300 from baycoast auto sales and let me say they really care about there customers they are up front with you and they really go out of there way to make sure you are taken care of the owners of the dealership are great people and very understanding. When I needed my car fixed they took care of me fully and the Mechanics did great work I would recommend going here.

  5. Erold Blanc reviewed Baycoast Auto Sales llc
    Erold Blanc

    All I got to say is WOW SMH. Definitely would be a place I would think 6 times about buying a car from and also a place I wouldnt be coming back to if am in need of another car. U buy a car from this place at your OWN RISK but I sure damn wouldnt. Bought a 2012 Nissan Altima with low miles back in February of this year and started out loving it but as time with on u notice alot of faulty work done by this dealership and their is ALOT OF FAULTY work done on the car for example 1. The owner told me my car struts was good but I decided to take my car to a mechanic to check them out and come to find out that my shock absorbers were bad. My mechanic told me that if I had kept driving that car with those same shocks and strut that I would of gotten into an accident cause they would of gave out on me so in other words VERY UNSAFE. Ended up buying the shocks to get them installed which cost me money to buy and pay for the installation. back bumper came off the car a WEEK into buying the car which I had to get fixed. 4. My car battery gave out on me 3 days after purchase. Even though the owner ASSURED ME that the battery is good. 5. They put the WRONG TYPE of windshield wipers on that car. Had to drive to the nearest autopart store which took 40 mins to reach cause I was on the Interstate. Now imagine yourself driving thru HEAVY RAIN on a major highway for 40 mins and your not able to SEE the roadway cause of faulty/careless work. 6. Owner assured me my tires was good. 2 months later two of my tires started to have lumps and needed to be changed IMMEDIATELY 7. My title never made it to my home and that was from 3 months of waiting for it but as I did my investigation into it and what happened turns out they electronically sent my title to the DMV but claimed they dont know how that happened but spoke to the DMV rep that told me THEY SENT my title to them electronically SMH. 8. THIS IS THE WORSE OF ALL. 6 months after buying the car which I bought with 72000 miles. After 11000 miles of driving the car I started having TRANSMISSION PROBLEM. The car I paid 6300 for is JUNK and worthless at this point and again this happened in 6 MONTHS. Now anybody who knows about cars even just a LITTLE will understand how EXPENSIVE and annoying a transmission problem with a car can be and because nissan is using a CVT transmission its VERY EXPENSIVE TO FIX by a mechanic. IT IS NOT A REGULAR TRANSMISSON. To get a REBUILT transmission for this type of transmisson is going to cost u from 1600 to 3000 dollars depending what they have to do and the mechanic charging u.Check google and u will see more in depth info about the nissan transmission and how to deal and take care of them so they last u. I put this review up because I want people to be aware of what u about to deal with if u are purchasing a car from these people. Its sucks that your HARD earned money is being spent on a place like this dealership and they are not doing their part in giving u great service and taking care of THE VERY CARS THEY ARE SELLING. The way they operate is like they built the car up enough for u it to drive and for it to look good and leave the problems/issues for u to deal with later. Very shameful. These negative experiences I have had with the car are very similar or exactly the same with some of the other posters on these reviews. Take your time to look thru them to see if am lying. I HATE dealerships like this and I want everyone out there to be FULLY AWARE of what u getting yourself into by dealing with these people. Again buyer purchase AT YOUR OWN RISK and best of luck to u all.