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Best Buy Here Pay Here in Kent, Washington, AR. Buy here pay here Dealer in AR with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Best Buy Here Pay Here, Kent, AR on Best Buy Here Pay Here located at 3724 W Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR 72762, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Kent car lots Dealers. Best Buy Here Pay Here are 3.4 rated out of 5 by 40 users reviews.

Have you ever considered buy here pay here near me car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. Located at 3724 W Sunset Ave, Springdale, AR 72762, United States, Best Buy Here Pay Here is dealer you can consider. The biggest difference between a buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. You can contact Best Buy Here Pay Here using the contact details given below.

How to book an appointment with Best Buy Here Pay Here?

At buy here pay here near me, we made it easy to book appointment with best dealers. You can book appointment with Best Buy Here Pay Here either by calling their contact number (479) 725-2378 or fill the contact form above.

How Buy Here Pay Here Kent Works?

When the bank says no to your car loan, the buy here pay here Kent car lots comes to guide you in the right direction to help you get the car of your choice. The process of buying used cars from a buy here pay here Kent dealer is pretty simple which starts with your visit to any of the dealers listed here. You tell them your car requirement including a specific car model you’re looking for and overall budget. Based on your budget, the dealer shows you a number of cars with desired car models. Once you find the car of your choice, the dealer works with their own exclusive lender for financing the car. The dealer completes the small paper work and hands over the vehicle to you mostly on the same day.

Any Advice on BHPH dealership Kent?

Generally, we advice customers to go to the traditional lenders first such as banks, credit unions, or finance company. But if your application gets rejection from all of these traditional options then BHPH dealers are the one who can make things possible for you irrespective of your poor credit score.

Average Credit Score to Buy a Used Car from BHPH dealer Kent?

The credit score becomes very crucial when it comes to getting loan approval especially when it is through traditional financer like bank or credit union.


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Rated 3.4 Out of 5 from 40 reviews

Best Buy Here Pay Here Reviews

Here is what users says about Best Buy Here Pay Here.

  1. Curtis Callahan reviewed Best Buy Here Pay Here
    Curtis Callahan

    I had a horrible experience buying a car here. Sold me a Honda with CV axles for a Chevy almost killed me on the highway. Refused to fix it even though I wasn't even 30 days into the 90 day warranty. Then they tried to repo it as I'm explaining and complaining about the situation they put me in. Then denied everything even when I showed physical proof of them lying to me. I will never step foot in any of their dealerships.

  2. Joseph Norton reviewed Best Buy Here Pay Here
    Joseph Norton

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!! I bought a 2008 Volvo C30 from them less than 2 months ago and the very next day it started falling apart, LITERALLY!! the belt had been greased so they wouldnt squeak but start the next day. so I changed them, then 3 days later I changed the oil and discoverd the oil pan had a rip in the bottom of it and was covered in silicon as a bandaid and was covered up by the skid plate so you couldnt see it without unbolting it. First they said they would fix it if it started leaking, then 3 weeks later the AC pump started squalling and the silicon was peeling off so I took it up there to have it warrantied. they took the car to their shop on a friday and called me on the following monday saying it was fixed. they put a used AC pump on that now is making noise too less than 3 weeks later, and they had greased up the belts and pulleys again... they refused to replace the oil pan claiming it isnt covered under the warranty because it isnt part of the engine block. yet neither is the AC pump but they replaced it so that tells me they can pick and choose what they want to cover. then they kept blaming corporate so I asked for their number but they refused to give it to me so I asked them to have corporate call me, they refused that too, so I found the number myself and called them. they claimed the manager was out of the office and took a message, still havent got a call back even after I called back leaving messages. So not I am filing a report with Better Business and the attorney general, and looking into small claims court. but in the meantime I have to fix everything out of pocket and hope for some sort of re compensation later on. Also when I asked for the title so I could get tags it was filled out in every section from 3 other people who apparently tried to buy the car but fell through making the title a mess that the DMV told me they will be rejecting so I will have to deal with that soon too. Not to mention the fender flare flying off one day because the silicon they used to hold it on with didnt stick, and finding fiberglass patches all over the back side of the bumper from it being wrecked, which they never told me about and refused to give me a car fax on claiming they had it but sent it back to corporate, which I found out is just in Lowell BTW, so I got a carfax from a friend of mine and it shows it has been wrecked. So basically Im stuck paying over $13,000 for a $6,000 car. WORST CAR LOT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH! And I work at a shop that services over 30 dealerships so I know the difference. These people do not care, they are all smiles till you sign on that line and give them the first payment, then they act like you are a nuisance. save your self the headache and buy somewhere else. I have several other people including the DMV that now have come forward as well with horror stories involving this dealership. Every bit as bad as AAF some worse.

  3. Austin Kelley reviewed Best Buy Here Pay Here
    Austin Kelley

    Kyle is a great sales man and a really good guy. He's helped us get a car and now a truck and he's honest. I definitely recommend best buy here pay here in Springdale. No run around 100% truthful and u will not leave the lot in a messed up car.

  4. Josh Morgan reviewed Best Buy Here Pay Here
    Josh Morgan

    Kenny used offensive language trying to buy my car from me on facebook.

  5. Natalie Stone reviewed Best Buy Here Pay Here
    Natalie Stone

    This place has the MOST wonderful and helpful receptionist!! Wonderful customer service!! I love my Toyota Camry