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Beverly Hills Porsche in Los Angeles, California, CA. Buy here pay here Dealer in CA with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Beverly Hills Porsche, Los Angeles, CA on Beverly Hills Porsche located at 11011 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Los Angeles Dealers. Beverly Hills Porsche are 4.1 rated out of 5 by 161 users reviews.

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Rated 4.1 Out of 5 from 161 reviews

Beverly Hills Porsche Reviews

Here is what users says about Beverly Hills Porsche.

  1. D Patel reviewed Beverly Hills Porsche
    D Patel

    Seamless experience. From first contact to driving off the lot, it took less than a day. I reached out to numerous dealerships, but Christian at BH Porsche was the most straightforward and straight-talking person I dealt with. He quickly tracked down the car spec I was looking for. We took a look at it in person, signed the papers, and off we went. Highly recommended for any serious buyers.

  2. Kai Chang reviewed Beverly Hills Porsche
    Kai Chang

    Service Client. Took my Porsche RS60 Spyder to BH Porsche for an out-of-warrantee repair issue with the manual transmission. Service manager Tanya was professional and kept me informed of all the issues related to my Porsche, and offered me a dealership Macan for use while my car was under repair. Pros: Professional, excellent dealership service. If you seek a quality Porsche Dealership service experience, BH Porsche will deliver. The unsung heroes are the support staff who tend to get ignored, but I wanted to emphasize that Jeanie Amaya and Kristyna Morgan were exceptionally friendly & helpful in helping me navigate some of the logistical issues during my service appointment. Con: BH Porsche charges literally the highest hourly bill rate of Porsche dealerships in North America, because of its expensive ZIP code and proximity to well-off Porsche drivers who don't mind paying the premium for the convenience. This is the *only* reason I docked one star from an otherwise 5-star experience. Porsche owners already know that visiting a Porsche dealership for service is always an expensive experience. If cost is no object, the service department of BH Porsche is professional, friendly and top-notch place to bring your Stuttgart jewels for repairs and fine-tuning. If you're on a budget and don't mind less-convenient, busier dealerships, there are a few others in Southern California which can perform the service at a lower final cost.

  3. Tyler Babcock reviewed Beverly Hills Porsche
    Tyler Babcock

    My recent experience at Porsche has been worse than probably any other car buying experience that I or my family members have ever had. The sales person, Arash, was beyond rude from our interactions in person, and our interactions over the phone/text. He was very persistent and send text messages like “ Dude y the silent treatment just give me an answer“ after I didn’t respond for two hours. He didn’t stop there though, he said stuff like “sorry I didn’t lie like others your loss”, and he also said we were “to sensitive”. Beyond horrible experience, and just because of him, I wouldn’t ever purchase a car from Porsche Beverly Hills. Such a shame that this was our experience because we would have loved to refer many others there, but I personally couldn’t be paid to be with that man again. Very cocky, and self indulged. I hope that all the costumers that come to Porsche Beverly Hills remember to avoid him at all costs, and don’t forgot that you, the customers in search for a new expensive car, are the ones purchasing a car, and that you should never feel disrespected like we were there. Porsche is a luxury car that is supposed to be a pleasure to drive, and so should the purchase experience.

  4. Douglas Pawlik reviewed Beverly Hills Porsche
    Douglas Pawlik

    You would think that with a name like Beverly Hills Porsche that they might not treat everyone equally, but that would be wrong. The employees at BH Porsche were the most down-to-earth, friendly people I have ever dealt with. This was probably the best car buying experience I have ever had (30-40 cars over my lifetime). I highly recommend this dealership and their staff.

  5. Duane Williams reviewed Beverly Hills Porsche
    Duane Williams

    Exceptional top shelf service. And willing to see how can we make a deal vs what's wrong with the deal. Left with a Porsche floated all the way home. ?