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Car Credit Inc in Tampa, Florida, FL. Buy here pay here Dealer in FL with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Car Credit Inc, Tampa, FL on Car Credit Inc located at 2902 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Tampa Dealers. Car Credit Inc are 3.8 rated out of 5 by 169 users reviews.

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Rated 3.8 Out of 5 from 169 reviews

Car Credit Inc Reviews

Here is what users says about Car Credit Inc.

  1. Preston Goldstein reviewed Car Credit Inc
    Preston Goldstein

    Steer clear! Don't trust them. I've reported this business to the BBB and investigating further to send documentation to the FL States Attorney. Look up the accounts doing all these 5 star reviews. They are brand new accounts with 1-4 reviews... all, you guessed it, Car Credit Tampa, Ruskin, etc. No other reviews. Just Car Credit dealers... What's the chances that they bought from ALL the Car Credit dealers on the same day...obviously they write their own reviews.

  2. Dan Restivo reviewed Car Credit Inc
    Dan Restivo

    SCAM ALERT: Went to look at a truck listed for $15k. Red Flag #1: The truck is actually $18k, they come up with BS fine print that it's $15k after a $3k down payment. (False Advertisent) Red Flag #2: I asked if I could test drive the truck and the salesman said, the truck was not ready. When asked to elaborate on its "not ready" status, he said, "it just needs some preventative maintenance before it's ready to go" (Shady... So, a truck needs an oil change or something and they won't let me take it for a quick spin? Obviously a lie...) Red flag #3: No Carfax available and salesman couldn't elaborate on the title status, accident history, or if body panels were repaired. (I ran the VIN's on 2 of their F150's both were priced too high for vehicles with major accidents in their history, IMO.) Red flag #4: Read these bogus 5 star reviews from fake accounts writing their very first review... They don't deserve the Google rating they have someone is obviously writing reviews for them. This place is beyond shady. They straight up lie to you in their pricing, vehicle condition, history, etc. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PLACE.

  3. nimsy tax reviewed Car Credit Inc
    nimsy tax

    Me and my husband went there he bought a Mercedes car didn’t even last us a month the first night we used it and couldn’t run more than 60mph ..RPM Didn’t even work wel.Don’t buy anything from any car credit ... They lie about everything they will make you sign a “ARBITRATION AGREEMENT “ So In Case Car Don’t Work And You Want to get your money back and sew them you can’t ..You have to give more money then u should!! No warranty so if the car is bad condition there’s nothing you can do they tell you you can get another car but have to put more down payment.. Every time you call them they ignore your call we tried to call 10x they never answer until we went up there...This place should be close down.

  4. Josianne Jeudy reviewed Car Credit Inc
    Josianne Jeudy

    My first time financing a vehicle was nerve racking but Rosie and Fernando made it fast, simple, and a great experience! They are nice down to earth people who understand we all are human. I use to hear ads on the radio and was soooooo skeptical about them but I know now If anyone wants to rebuild your life (credit) and need to buy a car you gotta come here. JOSI

  5. Jaffa Wise reviewed Car Credit Inc
    Jaffa Wise

    Poor quality cars and poor customer service. Good place for low to no credit and new comers to North America.