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Go Auto in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK. Buy here pay here Dealer in OK with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Go Auto, Oklahoma City, OK on BuyHerePayhereIn.com. Go Auto located at 344 W Britton Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73114, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Oklahoma City Dealers. Go Auto are 3.4 rated out of 5 by 48 users reviews.

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Rated 3.4 Out of 5 from 48 reviews

Go Auto Reviews

Here is what users says about Go Auto.

  1. Lela Peavy reviewed Go Auto
    Lela Peavy

    Pleasure to talk with, works with you on making a buy.

  2. Nubian Grayson reviewed Go Auto
    Nubian Grayson

    I got a car from them on February 18,2020 . I got a 2013 Nissan Altima and I put 1600 down . I was supposed to put down $2,000 but they told me I could bring the other $400 back on March 3rd 2020. Only 10 days in to me having the vehicle it would not move out of park . I was stuck for over 2 hours . I had the vehicle towed to Nissan where they told me that the car would need to be fixed and it would cost me 230 dollars to be fixed plus the cost of labor. Fast forward to today February 29,2020 I called and the manager hung up in my face and said “we do not have to pay to get your car fixed”. I called back and the young lady who was very rude to me the day before answered and I told her that I would be returning the vehicle by tow. It’s very unfortunate that I wasted 1,600 on this vehicle . I came In there ready with my full coverage insurance and everything. I pray that they find a way to be more professional . I am disappointed I ever gave them a dime of my money. Find another buy here pay here because they are not worth the hassle.

  3. Olivia Eikenbary reviewed Go Auto
    Olivia Eikenbary

    Had issues with my vehicle. Not only did he make sure it was right, he was friendly and reliable! His prices are fair and works quick, to get me back on the road quickly and safely. Now my only mechanic!

  4. Shawna Stafford reviewed Go Auto
    Shawna Stafford

    Unfortunately there is not a 0 star option. The staff is INCREDIBLY disrespectful and rude. I work for a wrecker company and the first employee I had an interaction with was Joslyn. She was very rudely HONKING at us from her car outside to get the owners attention. We have a sign hanging on both our front door and window on the front of our business to ask people to call for assistance and remain outside. The owner had to leave and take care of other business matters. She rudely stomped into our office wanting to know why I wasn't outside to assist her yet. I was in the process of filling out her wrecker ticket and on my way out the door to her when she decided to barge in. She was RUSHING us to tow her vehicle back to the car lot, I tried to explain to her that our only wrecker driver is currently busy and it may be 30mins. She was very ADAMANT on our driver dropping what he was doing just to tow her car first. I reiterated that she will need to wait. Finally, she left her name and number and had me call her when our driver was free and headed her direction so she can meet with him. Our driver gets to the address she asked us to drop the car off at, there to meet him was an older man (I do not know his name). Before Joslyn had left, we had agreed on a set price for the additional tow she had asked for. Our driver is there and ready to accept payment before he unloads the vehicle (to make sure we got paid the amount previously agreed upon), the older man offered half of the agreed amount. Our driver had not yet fully unloaded the vehicle and was prepared to head back to our yard and unload the vehicle. The man then offered to pay more, but still LESS than the original agreed amount. This man was also very disrespectful to our driver and watched him unload the vehicle and basically harassed him with insulting comments. (After he finally paid the agreed amount). Needless to say, we will likely never do business with this company ever again and would recommend that on their website they allow people to write commentary, not just the one generic comment they came up with on their own.

  5. Emylia reviewed Go Auto

    Worst place ever DO NOT BUY CARS OVER HERE The lady has no customer service experience. I guess she is there just to show off. My car broke down and it have not been even 6 months. I called her as Mj is not in town and she said i have to deal with it myself. After some days i go there as whenever you call she just puts you on hold or just disconnect. She was way rude and was lying that she gave me a number for a person to come tow. I don't think she has any idea how to deal with customers. She asked me to get out of the office which i did. Very unprofessional. I asked them to come pick their broken car, she actually said she doesn't care.