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Liquidation Car Company in Washington, District of Columbia, WA. Buy here pay here Dealer in WA with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Liquidation Car Company, Washington, WA on Liquidation Car Company located at 5250 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA 98226, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Washington Dealers. Liquidation Car Company are 3.4 rated out of 5 by 65 users reviews.

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Rated 3.4 Out of 5 from 65 reviews

Liquidation Car Company Reviews

Here is what users says about Liquidation Car Company.

  1. born  inbham reviewed Liquidation Car Company
    born inbham

    My daughter bought her first car after going to several lots in town and not wanting to be in debt for 5 to 7 years she chose to go here. Why there's so many negative reviews on here IDK, I'm guessing it's the competition. Granted used cars have issues if you don't know that don't buy a used car. We walked in asked questions they had the answers. We drove the car, the car had two issues they addressed them. Get this the price they quoted us was actually the price on the paperwork whoa!! Two years easy payments very clear arrangements if problems happen to the car well under contract with them. So if you bought a car and didn't check it out and had a major problem kinda on you.. Also side note the people in the reviews saying there's a bunch of junk well here's some pictures you judge. There are some parts cars in back, and some wholesale junkers but comes on..

  2. Chris hill reviewed Liquidation Car Company
    Chris hill

    Honest car that doesn't mean perfect cars everytime, however you don't need credit to buy here, if you are not stuck on that, know a thing or two about cars you'll do great!

  3. Silver Horse reviewed Liquidation Car Company
    Silver Horse

    What an amazing atmosphere for a carlot! Had a great experience here. The people were nice and polite. They asked me what I was looking for and showed me some options. I was able to leave with exactly what I wanted! A clean car with very low gas mileage at a great price. Great place! Thanks!! Also shoutout to the owner! Great doing business with you!!?

  4. H J reviewed Liquidation Car Company
    H J

    This place is absolutely atrocious. The 5 star reviews are obviously fake reviews, you can tell just by reading through some of the content posted in them. Read the bad reviews first - this place is the absolute slum lord of cars. They sell lemons to poor people and then sell your financing to another company as soon as the car breaks down. It's baffling how someone can claim to be a pastor and then have their friends post fake reviews claiming negative reviews must be from "competition". I've lived in Bellingham my whole life and the people who run this business make me sick.

  5. Mike Aldrich reviewed Liquidation Car Company
    Mike Aldrich

    I'm so glad that I went to Liquidation first. Where else can you get a truck like this with no interest? Not to mention the experience! The atmosphere there is unlike any other dealership that I've been to: no high pressure sales, friendly and helpful associates and all done in house. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle!