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Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales in Fremont, California, CA. Buy here pay here Dealer in CA with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales, Fremont, CA on Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales located at 5600 Cushing Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Fremont Dealers. Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales are 4.7 rated out of 5 by 1189 users reviews.

Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales contact number

You can contact Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales at (510) 657-6600. Subscribe to our newsletter using the form above to get latest loan offers in Fremont from Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales and our popular buy here pay here dealers near you.


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Rated 4.7 Out of 5 from 1189 reviews

Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales Reviews

Here is what users says about Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales.

  1. Regina Tente reviewed Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales
    Regina Tente

    Sonny is an amazing sales expert, he was informative and sincere with the entire process. It was a no pressure, and stress free environment, and car buying can be really stressful, instead I had fun with it! Andy, the sales manager was great as well, and really worked those numbers. It was probably my best car buying experience! Thank you everyone at Magnussen Lexus, I love my RX450H!

  2. ANTHONY ALBAR reviewed Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales

    This was hands down the best car shopping experience I've ever had. Currently, I was in the market for a Lexus IS350 Fsport and after researching and shopping around, which is hard because these cars rarely come on the market, I ended up at Magnussen Lexus of Fremont. This dealership is amazing! It enjoys some of the most delightful people out there as well as a great selection of cars. I worked with Shane S. and he was very respectful, straightforward and honest. He took very good care of my mom and me and showed us service that you rarely see in auto dealerships, and I’ve seen it all. From the communication prior to me coming in to the communication after purchasing the car I couldn’t be more pleased. Quick responses, detailed explanations, personal experiences with a similar vehicle, and just great customer service made my experience very stress free. And we all know how stressful it can get buying a car. Big Thanks to Shane S.! I highly recommend this dealership. The interactions with staff put themselves in another class. They see the customer’s point of view, which helps alleviate any stress you may have and to get you the best possible experience and car you want.

  3. Wanghwa Lin reviewed Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales
    Wanghwa Lin

    Update: I brought my car back this morning and the staff did their best to resolve my issues. I appreciate their effort and followed up my complaints right away. My sale rep also emailed many times today to make sure everything was resolved. Thank you! This place is not well organized.  I was emailing a sales rep for a couple of hours then the communication stopped.  I saw a car I may be interested on its website so I chatted online with a lady, she told me the car should be available and would have her sales team contact me.  No one followed up.   So I walked into the showroom pretty late at night, seeing a few people there.  I was greeted and got the information I asked for.  I negotiated the prices and agreed to buy the car.  Well, the car's bumper was scratched!  OK, I knew there was another one available from their online inventory.  Guess what, the sale guy couldn't find the car.  The manager told me he would get another one from another dealer.  I went back the next morning and did all the paperwork and paid.  It was pouring rain outside, the salesperson was supposed to do a walk-through with me.  The car was parked in a very awkward place......  So skipped it.  You would think he would have parked the car in place we could do the walk-through.    I got home and found the top white film was still attached to the rooftop!!!  Several protective films were still in the car.    With all this, I would not recommend it to my friends.  I feel this place is not very well organized and the staff was not trained well.

  4. Trina Shih reviewed Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales
    Trina Shih

    I know this is Lexus, so I expect the service will be good like a Japanese company. I m totally wrong. The service is not as good as Mercedes even BMW. Sadly I will think about other brands or other dealers.

  5. Arthur Chang reviewed Magnussen Lexus of Fremont Sales
    Arthur Chang

    Shane was great and made the purchase experience of the Lexus vehicle special. He was able to quickly identified the vehicle and the options which I was looking for. I was impressed with his professionalism and end-to-end from purchase and delivery; he definitely raised the bar compare to other car dealers which we had to endure. Overall, I was very happy with Shane and his team working in this dealership. Car buying is a very emotional and "stressful" experience, I would recommend this dealership to folks who may be interested in owning a Lexus vehicle.