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Select Motors in Wichita, Kansas, KS. Buy here pay here Dealer in KS with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Select Motors, Wichita, KS on Select Motors located at 2410 Oliver, Wichita, KS 67210, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Wichita Dealers. Select Motors are 4.5 rated out of 5 by 186 users reviews.

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Rated 4.5 Out of 5 from 186 reviews

Select Motors Reviews

Here is what users says about Select Motors.

  1. Chao Xiong reviewed Select Motors
    Chao Xiong

    Came to buy a car here since the wife started working and the process throughout was fantastic. Andrew helped me out to work something within budget and made sure the vehicle was running good before he was willing to sell it to me. He definitely put his trust in me to test drive the vehicle myself and in return I trusted that he do his best to give me the best deal possible. I'm driving my new car now and it's definitely a joy! Appreciate the help from Select Motors!

  2. Von Ludwig reviewed Select Motors
    Von Ludwig

    The dealership is 100% official...I was treated with class and they stand behind there words...I would definitely repeat my business in the near future and ownership communicated exceptionally well with there clients

  3. Giovanny Treto reviewed Select Motors
    Giovanny Treto

    Don't go here, would not sell a car at what the bank appraised the car at. Bank had told me car is only worth 6,000 and they would not loan what the dealership wanted and they would not adjust the price from 7,500 which is what the dealership said that would go down to from 8,000, When I had originally went to see the car, I had told them 6,000 was a fair price for the car. Guy would not even budge. So I went home and they wet sanded and buffed the car. Went to go see the car after they got it back and it did look a lot better. Now at this point I had done my own research and saw that the car was not worth the price they had told me they went down to. Yes, I did agree to paying the 7,500 only under the condition if the bank would allow to loan that much, but I knew they would not. After the bank told me they would only do 6,000, I called them and told them the situation. According to the guy I talked to on the phone he stated that the bank was not adjusting for market value and the mileage and the condition it was in. My bank did look at their ad, and adjusted based on the damages they saw. The price my bank came up with in "clean" condition was 6,200. With the scratches the car had, they adjusted it to 6,000. The guy would still not budge at all on the price and still kept justifying the value. Even went to the extent of telling me their banks they offer do 135% of actual retail value so I could get approved if I went with their banks. Obviously these guys want you to finance with them so they can get the "135% retail value" they so much desire so they can make even more money instead of being fair and selling the car to someone at what it is truly worth. I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM HERE UNLESS IF YOUR WILLING TO OVERPAY.

  4. Chris Huffman reviewed Select Motors
    Chris Huffman

    One of the few dealerships that takes their time to actually converse with you and make you feel like you’ve known each other for awhile! Andrew is one of the coolest guys i’ve met, got me in and found me an even better APR than my bank could! I would recommend Select to anyone, great guys.

  5. Daphineys Saavedra reviewed Select Motors
    Daphineys Saavedra

    Went to look at a Chrysler on the lot and actually found a super nice BMW that I test drove and immediately knew I wanted it. Alex was great and the other guys as well. They were professional and the financing was quick. I’ve had 2 people before me buy cars here and they were happy with their purchases as well. I will definitely refer friends or family to buy a car from here. Good job guys keep up the good work ?