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Shockley Honda in Westminster, Colorado, MD. Buy here pay here Dealer in MD with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View Shockley Honda, Westminster, MD on Shockley Honda located at 7400 Shockley Dr, Frederick, MD 21704, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Westminster Dealers. Shockley Honda are 4.1 rated out of 5 by 550 users reviews.

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Rated 4.1 Out of 5 from 550 reviews

Shockley Honda Reviews

Here is what users says about Shockley Honda.

  1. Sixela Entertainment reviewed Shockley Honda
    Sixela Entertainment

    Not without it's issues, for sure. All in all, a good buying experience and the salesman on the floor (Connor?) was great. Beyond that, the online concierge (Jessica) was awesome!! When we got to the financing side, my daughter got a firm dose of what it's like to deal with really aggressive sales tactics. Our finance manager was super nice and all smiles when we sat down. Made lots of small talk and was super friendly. When he asked if we wanted a warranty, etc and we declined, his entire demeanor changed. He stopped speaking (literally went silent) and every breath was a labored sigh as he went about un-clicking boxes. He was clearly MAD I did not purchase anything additional from him. Sensing he was truly angry, I apologized and explained that we were already over extended on what we wanted to spend and we were not in a position to spend more than we'd intended. To that end, why am I apologizing to the dealership for not having more money? At that point, he took it upon himself to leverage the next best sales tactic... fear. He casually laid out a "scenario" to my 17 year old daughter and said "What are you going to do if something goes wrong with this car? Are you gonna be in a position to shell out $3,000 for a repair?" at which point my daughter freaked out and pleaded with me to add the warranty, which I'd stated repeatedly that I did not want. At that point, my hand were tied and there was no recourse. He knew I was making that purchase. Suddenly...his demeanor was pleasant again as he started getting that warranty paperwork back into play. Funny how that works eh? I'd made that point extremely clear from the onset and I'm of the opinion your finance manager took advantage of the fear my daughter had while attaching it to the wallet I had. I have been in sales and business development for over 20 years and I can smell blood in the water as much as the next sales guy....but this was aggressive and stained the entire experience for both of us. Was I happy with the buying experience overall? Of course. Do I feel aggressively over sold and taken advantage of? Absolutely. Is there anything I expect you all to do about it? Of course not.

  2. kmschre . reviewed Shockley Honda
    kmschre .

    Loved shopping at Shockley. I was pleasantly surprised when our walk in was treated without pressure sales and led right to the point of the lowest price. No haggling required, with better prices that I saw via Car Guru or any other car buying service. Well done Shockley - with the sales man Mike Morales...

  3. Georgianna Porter reviewed Shockley Honda
    Georgianna Porter

    at service you get upfront honest opinions and no pushy extra work suggested. I've also worked with the sales team and they are the same way. Straight laced and upfront. They make you feel welcome

  4. Melanie Johnson reviewed Shockley Honda
    Melanie Johnson

    One of the only places that has a super clean area to relax at while car is getting fixed. Lovely lending library. Free refreshments. Nice place for kids to let off steam. They really seem to treat staff great ..incredible Christmas party ..that I stumbled unto when I walked in the other day.

  5. Julie Maher reviewed Shockley Honda
    Julie Maher

    Shockley Honda in Frederick, MD is an amazing place not only to buy a car, but also to get cars serviced! We just bought our 4th vehicle from Shockley in 17 years and we couldn't be happier. Our 2002 Odyssey and 2004 Element lasted us many, many years and we currently have a 2011 Pilot and just bought a brand new Ridgeline. Our salesperson, Justin, was very attentive, knowledgeable, and made us feel at ease. He found the truck we wanted within a few days and the deal was done within a week! Our finance person, Jennifer, was so professional and confident and offered us the best prices she could on the different service/maintenance plans. There were even some other employees who chipped in to help us with some delivery details. And Dan was great to work with to get our accessories ordered and installed within a few days! The Ridgeline is so smooth and luxurious to drive and it's perfect to tow our Tracker bass boat. Overall, an excellent experience and we'll be continuing to use Shockley as our #1 service garage!