WESTSIDE MOTORS in Las Vegas, Nevada, NV. Buy here pay here Dealer in NV with Address, Contact Number, Photos, Maps. View WESTSIDE MOTORS, Las Vegas, NV on BuyHerePayhereIn.com. WESTSIDE MOTORS located at 3360 S Decatur Blvd A, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States is one of the top player listed here in the category Buy here pay here Las Vegas car lots Dealers. WESTSIDE MOTORS are 4.2 rated out of 5 by 24 users reviews.

Have you ever considered buy here pay here near me car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. Located at 3360 S Decatur Blvd A, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States, WESTSIDE MOTORS is dealer you can consider. The biggest difference between a buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. You can contact WESTSIDE MOTORS using the contact details given below.

How to book an appointment with WESTSIDE MOTORS?

At buy here pay here near me, we made it easy to book appointment with best dealers. You can book appointment with WESTSIDE MOTORS either by calling their contact number (702) 222-9970 or fill the contact form above.

How Buy Here Pay Here Las Vegas Works?

When the bank says no to your car loan, the buy here pay here Las Vegas car lots comes to guide you in the right direction to help you get the car of your choice. The process of buying used cars from a buy here pay here Las Vegas dealer is pretty simple which starts with your visit to any of the dealers listed here. You tell them your car requirement including a specific car model you’re looking for and overall budget. Based on your budget, the dealer shows you a number of cars with desired car models. Once you find the car of your choice, the dealer works with their own exclusive lender for financing the car. The dealer completes the small paper work and hands over the vehicle to you mostly on the same day.

Any Advice on BHPH dealership Las Vegas?

Generally, we advice customers to go to the traditional lenders first such as banks, credit unions, or finance company. But if your application gets rejection from all of these traditional options then BHPH dealers are the one who can make things possible for you irrespective of your poor credit score.

Average Credit Score to Buy a Used Car from BHPH dealer Las Vegas?

The credit score becomes very crucial when it comes to getting loan approval especially when it is through traditional financer like bank or credit union.


  • Monday: 9:00 AM u2013 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 9:00 AM u2013 7:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM u2013 7:00 PM
  • Thursday: 9:00 AM u2013 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM u2013 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 9:00 AM u2013 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Rated 4.2 Out of 5 from 24 reviews


Here is what users says about WESTSIDE MOTORS.

  1. Matt Ttam reviewed WESTSIDE MOTORS
    Matt Ttam

    I had bought a car here about a month ago. I had driven the car home engine light went on came in the next day fixed the code right away no hesitation and didn’t charge me . Amazing group of people,very nice and honest people

  2. Myron Word reviewed WESTSIDE MOTORS
    Myron Word

    Got my 2006 gto from there. Service was great.

  3. Kobe Dean reviewed WESTSIDE MOTORS
    Kobe Dean

    I must say, this was a very exciting, nervous and interesting experience I had with this dealer. In the end, things did go smoothly and I am pleased with my purchase, but there were a few hiccups along the way that I feel should be addressed. Keep in mind, this is the third month of me owning the 2003 Ford Focus SVT that had a price of $3995 with roughly 100K on the clock. I purchased this vehicle on August 25th tl;dr.... I was in the market for a first car and I was on a serious time crunch since I got a good job and the bus was not an option. I found their 2003 Ford Focus SVT and I immediately called them inquiring. I went into the office shortly after to try and put a $800 down payment for a loan. Of course, the owner was rather skeptical about the ordeal considering I am 19 with a small (but clean) credit history. But, I made it work with my credit union and finances were of no trouble: 3.9% APR with a $109 Monthly Payment. The owner is very kind and personable and seemed as though he wanted to do business with me and get the car sold. Remember kids, have good credit early and benefit later on. As for the car, the exterior was pretty decent, it has some scratches and dings here and there but it gives it character. It has an offset stripe on the front which I will never remove; whoever put that on there is a genius and it makes the car look super sexy. The interior was considerably clean, I would almost say it's showroom clean. The engine bay was quite dirty, and there were some rather questionable zipties in dodgy spots. Putting this aside I got the keys and drove off the lot with the biggest smile on my face sitting in my very first car. Later however, I discovered the car was critically low on oil, coolant and brake fluid. All four tires were dry rotted and they did not match. And the turn signals on the front did not work correctly. I should have known better and brought this to the attention of the mechanic there considering a sheet was given to me stating that this was all checked and ready. The Intake Manifold Runner Control also failed shortly after when I was getting the car inspected by a local shop. Luckily, there was no serious harm done, and the car is still running great. Further research indicates the SVT doesn't necessarily get hindered when that part fails. I did have to spend an extra $700 to get the car in a safe state which was a notable inconvenience, considering again, this was promised that these things were taken care of. This included tires, which I am glad I purchased since it did rain the following week and the old tires would have sent me spinning into the wall. All in all, I am very happy with the car (it is one of the most iconic hot hatchbacks of it's time after-all), and the price I paid for one of the rarest Ford's you can get. But I would exercise caution when inspecting the vehicle and make sure that the owners have any isssues addressed before purchasing it, because I could have made a very costly mistake had I not looked at the car after I bought it. Be safe and inspect before purchase.

  4. Corey Trimmer reviewed WESTSIDE MOTORS
    Corey Trimmer

    Very professional, good people.

  5. Louis Spahn reviewed WESTSIDE MOTORS
    Louis Spahn

    Great People and Great Cars