Top 26 Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Lansing MI

Looking for a used car dealer in Lansing MI but your credit is in bad shape?

Connect with top 26 buy here pay here Lansing MI car lot dealers who have made buying car a lot easier especially for people with bad credit. This list of Lansing's BHPH dealers is compiled after an extensive research based on customers’ reviews, rating, and location.

Favorable Outcomes:

  • Bad credit accepted
  • No or little down payment
  • Hassle-free process

Best Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Lansing MI

  • RightWay Auto Sales, MI

  • Cedar Auto Sales, MI

  • Capitol Harley-Davidson, MI

  • Paradise Motor Sales, MI

  • Car City, MI

  • Have you ever considered buy here pay here Lansing MI car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships in Lansing MI compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. The biggest difference between a Lansing buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. This means that the monthly bills are made to your local auto dealer, not through some bank or other outside lender, and that the actual financial contract for your car is between you and the dealer only, instead of a bank or other outside lender. Here we have listed best such dealers sorted by reviews rating and everything you need to know about. We have also created a complete profile of each dealer so you can get everything including of contact details at one place for your next car purchase.

    When a buyer needs to purchase a vehicle, they will need to approach the Lansing dealer with financing needs. The financing will depend on many things, including the amount of the down payment, the credit score of the buyer, and the income of the buyer in Lansing. Many people fail to take the time to do proper research when they are shopping for a vehicle. They either go with the first financing company that they see or end up getting sold a "bad credit borrower" vehicle.

  • Fast Finance Auto Sales – Lansing, MI

  • Shaheen Chevrolet, Inc., MI

  • LaFontaine Ford of Lansing, MI

  • Capitol Auto Sales, MI

  • Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM, MI

  • Did you know? These BHPH Lansing MI dealers are also good sources for full coverage vehicles. They will cover every repair and maintenance detail on a vehicle when the buyer makes a purchase here. This is because the vehicle's title will not have to be immediately released after the buy here pay here transaction. This ensures that the buyer will be fully protected in case of a repossession.

    The used-car buying experience is extremely easy when it comes to buying from a buy here pay here Lansing dealership. The financing will actually be handled directly by the lending institutions that finance many different kinds of auto loans. Therefore, the buyers will never even have to step foot into a dealership to get the job done. The financing will be offered to them at the comfort of their own residence. Buyers are never under any obligation whatsoever to purchase anything from this particular dealership. As long as they can afford the payments, they can choose to buy here pay here.

    Buy Here Pay Here vehicles are almost always sold with full coverage on the odometer. The dealer will add the actual retail cost of the car to the principal amount owed on the loan once it is sold. In many cases, the entire amount of the financed vehicle's retail price is covered by the lender, which means that the buyer will never have to worry about making any payments that fall outside of the monthly budget outlined for him or her. This includes making payments on fees and accrued interest. These types of financing transactions also allow buyers who need to drive a specific kind of car or model to get one that fits their budget.

  • ABC Warehouse, MI

  • BJ’s Auto Sales Inc., MI

  • Empire Motors Of Lansing, MI

  • Motorcars of Lansing Inc, MI

  • Capitol City Auto Sales, MI

  • The phrase buy here pay here Lansing MI car lots might have been coined recently to draw in buyers who don't have a lot of extra money to spend on their cars. Lansing Buy here pay here car lots are those that do not require you to leave your home before you can buy your new car. These lots accept your payment in advance and usually give you a lot of time to shop around for the best deal. The reason these lots are so attractive is because you do not have to worry about financing your vehicle while at the same time still giving the dealer an opportunity to earn their fee. In order to make sure you are getting the right car, you want to be sure you are getting the best price possible.

  • CARite of Grand Ledge, MI

  • Byrider Lansing, MI

  • Sundance Chevrolet, Inc., MI

  • Ok Auto Mart, MI

  • Lansing Auto Connection, MI

  • Superior Auto, Inc, MI

  • DJ’s Auto Sales, MI

  • Stadium Auto Connection, MI

  • RPM Auto Sales, MI

  • RPM Auto Sales, MI

  • Spartan Motors Used Cars, MI

  • Why buy here pay here Lansing MI car dealerships is the right option?

    Usually, when you sign a contract to buy a car with a traditional car dealership, it involves a third party to provide loan for the vehicle. These auto lenders generally have very strict standards for getting the car loan approved. Therefore, the people with bad credit have to deal with car loan rejection. This is where Buy Here Pay Here Lansing MI car dealership comes which provides easy loan for the vehicle. With a buy here, pay here dealership, the dealer takes care of the entire buying process from selling the car to financing the car on its lot.

    BHPH Lansing MI dealerships work with a very straightforward process where buying a car and getting financed at the same time is made pretty simple. They specially work with people with poor or no credit. So no worries even if you have poor credit. Most of the time, the customer can drive their new vehicle the same day they visited the shop. This is an amazing experience you will ever have.

    How Buy Here Pay Here Lansing MI Works

    When the bank says no to your car loan, the buy here pay here Lansing MI car lots comes to guide you in the right direction to help you get the car of your choice. The process of buying used cars from a buy here pay here Lansing MI dealer is pretty simple which starts with your visit to any of the dealers listed here. You tell them your car requirement including a specific car model you’re looking for and overall budget. Based on your budget, the dealer shows you a number of cars with desired car models. Once you find the car of your choice, the dealer works with their own exclusive lender for financing the car. The dealer completes the small paper work and hands over the vehicle to you mostly on the same day.

    Buy Here Pay Here Lansing MI car lots – In-House Financing with Zero Down Payment

    After considering your monthly income and current situation, the dealer may offer you the purchase with no down payment at all. Even if there is any scope of down payment depending upon credit and the price of the vehicle then it starts with a very small amount. Overall, they provide you very customized and flexible financing option that best suits your particular situation.

    Usually, the payment cycle runs monthly and the loan term can run between 6 months to 5 years, heavily depend on the price of the car and the upfront payment you make.

    To make the buying process easier, most of the buy here pay here dealers don’t require expensive full coverage car insurance instead they provide vehicle with full coverage that covers repair and maintenance part. This ensures that the vehicle is fully protected.

    Know the Facts - Buy Here Pay Here Lansing MI Car lots Dealership

    The one thing is very true about buy here pay here Lansing MI is that it brings you the best conditioned cars with low miles and a good engine and all is made available at flexible financing options. But when you get your vehicle financed through a dealer’s in-house financing, the interest rates on loan are higher than the loan from a bank or credit union.

    The most of the buy here pay here dealers report the customers’ payment record to significant credit bureau which results into a positive effect on your credit score. Thus, by making timely payment, it does help to improve your credit score.

    Because these Lansing MI dealers deal with people with poor credit, so there is high risk in financing the vehicle to such people and that is why most of the vehicles are installed with tracking device to help locate the vehicle’s current location for repossession, in case the customer fails to make the payment.

    Buy Here Pay Here Lansing MI – Fast Approval Low or no credit score

    The buy here pay here Lansing MI dealers come with their in-house financing program that doesn’t take more than an hour to process the loan. This is a kind of service you will not get from regular dealers. This saves you a lot of time as well as gives you a hassle free car buying experience.

    Unlike regular dealers, BHPH dealers are more transparent about their pricing and terms of loan which gives peace of mind to the customers.

    BHPH Lansing MI Dealer – Preapproval of Application

    However, it is mandatory to visit the dealer shop to find the vehicle of your choice, but if you want to confirm beforehand whether the dealer will accept your loan application or not, then you can send your requirement online. Once the BHPH Lansing MI dealer confirms the approval of your application, you can schedule your visit to make the purchase. This again saves you time that you would have spent at dealership.

    Advice on BHPH dealership Lansing MI

    Generally, we advice customers to go to the traditional lenders first such as banks, credit unions, or finance company. But if your application gets rejection from all of these traditional options then BHPH dealers are the one who can make things possible for you irrespective of your poor credit score.

    Unlike traditional lenders, BHPH dealers understand the fact that genuine people may have bad credit score either due to huge medical bills or unexpected divorce or any other family issues. Therefore, they show the trust on these people and make the purchase possible for them.

    Average Credit Score to Buy a Used Car from BHPH dealer Lansing MI

    The credit score becomes very crucial when it comes to getting loan approval especially when it is through traditional financer like bank or credit union.

    If a customer is looking to buy a used car through traditional financing in Lansing MI, then credit score of that customer must be above 600. Anything below 600 only leads to application rejection.

    While buy here pay here Lansing MI accepts the request of these customers also who have credit score below 600. They provide loan on used car through special financing program. Thus, BHPH Lansing MI is a great option for those who have poor bank record and bad credit score.

    The credit score does not only determine the approval or rejection of the loan application but it also determines the interest rate. The lower the credit score will be, higher the interest rates you will pay. The BHPH dealers vary in interest rates, so you should compare their interest rates properly before venturing into any agreement.

    Lansing MI buy here pay here Reviews

    Here is what users says about Lansing BHPH dealers listed here. You can read reviews of individual dealer at their profile page.

    1. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Hayley Ade

      Hayley Ade rated RightWay Auto Sales

      Cameron curry was the gentleman who helped me! He was wonderful! He explained everything thoroughly and did everything in his power to help me and get me in the most affordable car yet. I appreciate on how patient he was as this was my first time getting a car through a dealership. Thank you again right way! You have been amazing!!

    2. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Marcia Curtis

      Marcia Curtis rated RightWay Auto Sales

      RightWay is the best place to go to!! They got me financed and were very easy to work with. They got me out of my vehicle that I owed on still. Sam Goodman was my sales rep and was so great! Justin also helped out. Thank you Sam and Justin!

    3. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by David Trust

      David Trust rated Cedar Auto Sales

      Respectful, honest, friendly and a pleasure to work with from the first phone call to screwing on the new license plate for me when it arrived. I'm happy with my purchase and experience and I am certain you will too! A+

    4. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by tony riedel

      tony riedel rated Cedar Auto Sales

      Cedar auto sales was a great car buying experience. Anthony, the owner, was great to work with. No hassle whatsoever! I arrived he handed me the keys to the car I was there to look at, told me to take it for a spin for however long I wanted. He gave me the best price out the door and no hassle. The entire car buying process from test drive to out the door with the keys was less than an hour. If in the market for another vehicle, they will definitely get my business. Highly recommend Cedar Auto Sales if you're interested in a very nice used vehicle.

    5. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Heidi Johnson

      Heidi Johnson rated Capitol Harley-Davidson

      Can't say enough good about Capitol Harley Davidson. I had been in a few times before purchasing my bike. Staff was very helpful and gracious. I also attending a workshop that they offered. Very informative. When I purchased my bike the staff was so helpful and welcoming me into the "family". Wow what an experience for sure. Being a very new rider, they took the time to answer any questions I had and treated me fairly and with respect. Great staff!

    6. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Ben Dotson

      Ben Dotson rated Capitol Harley-Davidson

      Great service friendly staff Feels like I'm with old friends anytime I stop in.

    7. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Craftsman2 #456

      Craftsman2 #456 rated Paradise Motor Sales

      This place delivered exactly what they say Especially Matt findley, thank you for you military service. Very friendly and a pleasure to work with. He made buying a car as easy as possible even worked with us to find a good car in our budget. Thank you matt, hope we can do business again

    8. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Dominique Neverdusky

      Dominique Neverdusky rated Paradise Motor Sales

      Joe the Car guy!!! Had an amazing experience they offer good cars at reasonable prices. I was nervous about attempting to make payments on a car but I saw how affordable it actually was. Positive energetic vibes great way to start off the year in a Cadillac thank you so much

    9. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Eric Knudsen

      Eric Knudsen rated Car City

      4th car from them, they find a way to make it work.

    10. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Nicole Emanuel

      Nicole Emanuel rated Car City

      Karen and Steve are amazing! I knew exactly what I needed to bring in to get pre approved and it took 15 minutes and I was picking out a car! Definitely will refer to there to them in the future!

    11. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Shaun Kyser

      Shaun Kyser rated Fast Finance Auto Sales – Lansing

      Firstly I’d like to thank these guys for working with me as they did. Very helpful, respectful and all around practice what they preach! I got a 2013 avenger for 99cent down and payments are manageable. They got my vote!! 5 stars cross the board

    12. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Susan Fritz

      Susan Fritz rated Fast Finance Auto Sales – Lansing

      Completely Satisfied!!! Ask for Grant...he helped me when nobody else would! He will do whatever he needs to do to get you into a great vehicle! I would definitely recommend him! -Susan

    13. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by javon white

      javon white rated Shaheen Chevrolet, Inc.

      Richie was our salesman and he was amazing! As soon as we walking in we were greeted by other salesman that directed us to Richie. When you can walk into a car dealership and feel like family it just makes the car buying experience that much less stressful! No complaints from my wife and I! We will definitely buy again from Richie and Shaheen Chevrolet! Thanks for an amazing car buying experience and we recommend them to anyone that wants to be treated like family!

    14. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Dakota Compo

      Dakota Compo rated Shaheen Chevrolet, Inc.

      I want to thank Eric Partain from Shaheen Chevrolet for helping me get my new stallion which of course is a 2016 Black Chevrolet Traverse! I love the vehicle and have been wanting one for a while. Eric was excellent to work with and answered all the questions that I had and some from my family member. I am delighted with the service and happy with my new stallion. Thank-you Eric and staff! Ryan is the manager, and is VERY funny. Great service.

    15. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Max Ralya

      Max Ralya rated LaFontaine Ford of Lansing

      I brought my 2013 Edge in after receiving the mailer for the extended warranty on my drivers door latch. They fixed it and another issue I was having promptly and reasonably. Coming from a guy who would never normally take his car to a dealership, it was a good experience! Thank you

    16. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by John Cordell

      John Cordell rated LaFontaine Ford of Lansing

      I really appreciate the service of LaFontaine Ford. They take very good care of my truck. Full service oil changes with tire rotation are reasonably priced and the sales and service folks are pleasant to deal with. If you are considering a new or used Ford truck or SUV, LaFontaine is a good place to start.

    17. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Victor Verhil

      Victor Verhil rated Capitol Auto Sales

      Hands down the friendliest dealership I’ve been to. Flexible with price and if you need to take a car to your mechanic. They try their best in giving you the best! Edward and Fabian especially were incredibly helpful in getting me the car I needed. 5 stars!

    18. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Kate Goings

      Kate Goings rated Capitol Auto Sales

      Joseph and his staff are amazing. My husband and I found them about 7 years ago and we have bought several cars. I love their honesty. We walked in there once with $1000 and a lot of desperation. Joseph pointed us to a sedan and said he could help us out. He told us right away that it may not last very long and he would be surprised if it made it through the summer (it was April). The car lasted over a year and by the time it did die, we had a little bit more money for the next one. Every time we go to him I feel like I'm going to visit a friend and not a used car salesman. We just went and got a new car a couple weeks ago and it was another great experience. Demetrius, that met us, was wearing a mask and wiped down every surface with disinfectant wipes. Even though they had been forced to close for three weeks because of COVID 19 he was sure to get everything that we might touch. My husband and I hate to have a car payment, so we usually pay cash with our tax returns. We tell him how much we have and he takes care of us. My biggest concern this time was room for my son, who just hit 6'2", is still growing and plays tuba. Even in my old Rendezvous he was cramped in the back seat, especially if the tuba had to go with us. While I was looking at SUVs with way too many miles on them and awful MPG, Joseph pulled out a Minivan that he just gotten. He told me right away that there was some rust on the sliding doors, but that he had driven it and thought it was a nice car. Two weeks later, I love it. It's got plenty of room for all of us, gets decent gas mileage and was actually less than our budget. Once again, Joseph found exactly what we needed and didn't try to talk us into something that was too expensive. While he does remind us that they are happy to finance a car if desired, he completely respects that we choose not to finance. I know this was long and I hope that you read to the end because this place is the exception to all negative stereotypes about used car dealerships. Joseph and his staff really are wonderful!!!!

    19. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Dawn Dewar

      Dawn Dewar rated Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

      Champion makes buying a new car easy and stress free. The staff is always wonderful and the dealership is always clean and comfortable. I’ve consistently worked with Jason and he has been great! If you’re buying a new vehicle I highly recommend reaching out to him! Also, I’ve frequently used the Champion service shop and cannot say enough great things about Phil! If he’s not your service advisor he should be :) I want to give a special shout out to Kevin in finance for offering a very pregnant lady some Pringle’s while signing paperwork. It was very much appreciated!

    20. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by James Wood

      James Wood rated Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

      Go here, it's worth the drive! I drove over 60 miles to get the best deal possible. Make sure you meet Pat Joslin and he'll fix you up with one of his top sales people. What a great experience, I selected my car and went to lunch, when I got back Pat's team had the car spotless and the paperwork ready to go... sign and drive. All smiles here. When they say Champion Rocks, they mean it.

    21. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Jason Perttunen

      Jason Perttunen rated ABC Warehouse

      Very clean store! Good prices and Craig is a super nice Guy! Didn't hound you!

    22. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Karrie Harder

      Karrie Harder rated ABC Warehouse

      Great place to get stuff gave me a great deal on a refrigerator gas stove and washer and dryer

    23. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Yushi Oguchi

      Yushi Oguchi rated BJ’s Auto Sales Inc.

      Sincere, honest, friendly, and experienced local business that sells quality used cars. Posts many detailed pictures of each car (including engine and interior) on their website so no surprises regarding the condition when you visit. Experienced and shows understanding with funding situations of college/grad students, and certainly not the pushy kind of dealer. Credit/debit card (which would add lots of additional processing cost anyway) and personal check (for obvious reasons) are not accepted, so payment will best with bank transfer or money order. For my case, they were kind enough to wait for the money order to arrive in their mail from my out-of-state bank. They give one final car wash before pickup and take care of the registration/licence plate on behalf of customers. Submit payment and proof of insurance, and you are good to go. I was able to get a 2005 Honda of really good condition at a very reasonable price. Was a great pleasure to do business with!

    24. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Lor Bel

      Lor Bel rated BJ’s Auto Sales Inc.

      We purchased a car for our son. The sales person was right on with what we needed. He kept us in our price range and helped choose a car that provided protection for our young driver. We looked at a lot of cars. I don't know what the other people are talking about because the cars were clean inside and out. We didn't even have to wash the car when we took it home. It smelled good inside. No worries. worked out great for us.

    25. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Mackenzie  Barr

      Mackenzie Barr rated Empire Motors Of Lansing

      I had recently purchased a sedan from Empire Motors in Lansing MI. They were very nice and helpful! I ended up having some issues a few days later and even though they didn’t have to, I was given a loaner car and mine was taken to be fixed. Greatly appreciate their help and they are awesome to work with.

    26. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Ioana Suteu

      Ioana Suteu rated Empire Motors Of Lansing

      Thank you Gabe, Monica and Kathy! Your professional advice and kindness made you stand up from the others. I love my 2007 Chevy Trailblazer, I got it a couple of months ago and I am so grateful for all your help!

    27. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Gary Fredericks

      Gary Fredericks rated Motorcars of Lansing Inc

      I found a car they had for sale online. I inquired about it and spoke with Tommy who quickly responded to every text and email. The car ended up being what I wanted and we started the process. First off, the car was priced better than anyone else in the area without a doubt. I’d been shopping for a few months. Every thing Tommy told me was what happen. There were no gimmicks or surprises. I’d never had a car salesmen actually come through on a deal just as described. Tommy earned a future customer today by being honest and professional. The Motorcars of Lansing dealership is very nicely setup and comfortable as well. 5 star experience all around. Thanks Tommy. We’ll be doing business again soon.

    28. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Josh Heusinkveld

      Josh Heusinkveld rated Motorcars of Lansing Inc

      I have been manifest on the Jeep Wrangler about six months from beginning of the year until June, a lot of researching to find right one, calculating very careful budget to see I can afford new car loan payment, many test driving from many different dealerships. On the day of visiting credit union to see I approved new auto loan, received blank check and went to dealership to pick up Jeep I found a day earlier, after work and they already sold it behind my back. That's totally murdered me, very disappointed and I not going to mention the name of dealership was from. Back to square one, sat in Meijer parking a lot to do some research again on my smartphone, Motorcars of Lansing ended up the search and very close by. I drove to Motorcars, spotted 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara fit right in my range and went for good 20/30 minutes test drive to make sure everything I satisfied. Only issue was horn isn't working and one of the door is stiff to open/close. It's easy to fix it I can do it myself. After good test driving, Tommy was the salesman who helped me. I told my story what's going on in my world and why I wants this Jeep. Tommy working really hard to his best get me right price. I not kidding that he made a lot of trips from his desk to finance dept & see the boss few times. After two hours, they accepted my offer with trade in and drove home with a much much much better vehicle. I never feel so much lighter very long time, the stress faded out of my mind and there's rainbow in the sky for me. The timing is right time to purchase better vehicle and glad Motorcars of Lansing appears on the search. Huge thank you to Tommy and Motorcars of Lansing for make everything very smoothly, professional and listen to me exactly I wants. That's why I giving you guys five stars.

    29. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Scott S

      Scott S rated Capitol City Auto Sales

      What a great experience buying a car. No slimy salesmen, no lies or deceit. I went in to ask about a car on the lot and Dave came out and we thoroughly went over the car together, he even pointed out a couple of things I missed. Setting up for a test drive was easy and when I got back, Dave left me to go over the car myself and at my leisure. Coming in to make a deal was totally painless with offers for multiple payment options, accommodation of my schedule and a low deposit to hold my car until I could come back. When I came back three days later, my temporary plate was in the window and it took less than 15 minutes to be on the road with my purchased vehicle. A month later and my mechanic has been all over the car and can't find anything wrong with it. No surprises, no hack work or quick fixes covered up to make a sale. You can buy with confidence here.

    30. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by LJsully

      LJsully rated Capitol City Auto Sales

      All-around great experience! Brought my mechanic to look at the car and he was really impressed! Price was under bluebook anyway but they worked with me and lowered the price to what I could afford. Jim was awesome to work with; very pleasant and laid-back. Will definitely be looking there if I need a car in the future!!

    31. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Jon Keblesh

      Jon Keblesh rated CARite of Grand Ledge

      One of the best places to buy a car period... you will not be let down

    32. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Trent Reynolds

      Trent Reynolds rated CARite of Grand Ledge

      This is an amazing company! Got in me a great car for a decent price. Brandon is amazing to deal with can’t go wrong with him. I had an issue with my car after the purchase and he is taking care of no cost! I will for sure be a repeat customer.

    33. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Carrie Damman

      Carrie Damman rated Byrider Lansing

      The best place to buy a car. The salesman was awesome and the finance team made sure i didnt leave without a car. These people make sure you get what you want.

    34. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by MarineWife Wilson

      MarineWife Wilson rated Byrider Lansing

      Although the process took a little longer than expected, they were very thoughtful and generous and got me in a vehicle the same day! Ron and Dylan were awesome and polite. Would definitely recommend.

    35. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Lillian

      Lillian rated Sundance Chevrolet, Inc.

      I worked with Lou who was the most helpful and friendliest salesman I have ever dealt with. We were driving 2 hours away he diligently worked for 2 days before we arrived insuring all paperwork, car insurance and payment info was there when I arrived. I arrived and due to the service department not undercoating my car it was not ready. I thought I would have to make another 2 hour drive. But I was so surprised when Lou gave me a loaner vehicle and had my Car delivered to me at no cost. I highly recommend this auto dealership they have inventory that will meet any need or want. In addition at first I picked another car from their very easy to use website. Lou informed me after it was inspected that the car was not up to their standards and was not going to be sold. Most dealership's would have sold me that car and I would have had loads of issues. But not Sundance they wouldn't sell a poor quality car. I will definitely tell everyone and use this Dealership again.

    36. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by MATT FRYOVER

      MATT FRYOVER rated Sundance Chevrolet, Inc.

      Thanks ? Sundance I enjoyed my time with you and am looking forward to seeing you soon, I love my new car. I have an 2010 Chevy Malibu. Thanks to Kevin ? Sundance sales for treating me with respect and for all your help

    37. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Casey Cline

      Casey Cline rated Ok Auto Mart

      Purchased a 2003 Mustang GT 1 year ago. Absolutely no problems. Great experience all around!

    38. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Kimberly Carmona

      Kimberly Carmona rated Ok Auto Mart

      Tony at OK Auto was awesome!! He got us a great deal on a beautiful car for our Family .. He went above and beyond for us! I highly recommend OK Auto Mart in Lansing Michigan ??

    39. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Dan M.

      Dan M. rated Lansing Auto Connection

      I really do like this lot. They have great inventory and really good pricing. You can trust their cars, trucks, SUV's. They stand behind what they sell. Consistency.

    40. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Lynn Martinez

      Lynn Martinez rated Lansing Auto Connection

      We have been extremely happy with Lansing Auto Connection. We purchased 2 cars from them over the past 3 years. Both cars were for our sons so we were very concerned with safety and reliability. Both cars exceeded out expectations! We told them exactly what we were looking for and they came through for us with no problems. I would highly recommend Lansing Auto Connection to anyone!!

    41. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Tim Frazier

      Tim Frazier rated Superior Auto, Inc

      The stuff are very frendly

    42. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Dawn Hundt

      Dawn Hundt rated Superior Auto, Inc

    43. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by S M

      S M rated DJ’s Auto Sales

      Great value for the vehicle I purchased and friendly family owned and operated business. I would definitely recommend them and buy from them again. I’m not sure what the negative review is talking about because my experience with them was very good.

    44. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Jessica Gotschall

      Jessica Gotschall rated DJ’s Auto Sales

      I have purchased 2 vehicles from Djs and both great vehicles .I didn’t get ripped off I actually told I got a great deal from a 3rd party inspector ,, super nice and as she explained the cars are as is have them inspected It’s what I did I will buy from them again ..

    45. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Brittany Langdon

      Brittany Langdon rated RPM Auto Sales

      No credit needed, friendly environment. Sales & Service are 2 separate places. They work with you on maintenance.

    46. buy here pay here Lansing dealer review by Katrina McGinnis

      Katrina McGinnis rated RPM Auto Sales

      I wouldn't go any where else they take really good care of me and my family. Wonderful ppl

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