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Checkout our list of 18 top buy here pay here car lots dealers in Miami FL sorted by highest rating. We have ranked the Miami's BHPH dealers based on reviews, location and our internal ranking system to provide you with the list of best dealers only.

  • Miami Car Credit, FL

  • Auction Direct Miami, FL

  • Buy Here Miami Auto Sales, FL

  • Premium Cars Miami, FL


  • Have you ever considered buy here pay here Miami FL car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships in Miami FL compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. The biggest difference between a Miami buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. This means that the monthly bills are made to your local auto dealer, not through some bank or other outside lender, and that the actual financial contract for your car is between you and the dealer only, instead of a bank or other outside lender. Here we have listed best such dealers sorted by reviews rating and everything you need to know about. We have also created a complete profile of each dealer so you can get everything including of contact details at one place for your next car purchase.

    When a buyer needs to purchase a vehicle, they will need to approach the Miami dealer with financing needs. The financing will depend on many things, including the amount of the down payment, the credit score of the buyer, and the income of the buyer in Miami. Many people fail to take the time to do proper research when they are shopping for a vehicle. They either go with the first financing company that they see or end up getting sold a "bad credit borrower" vehicle.

  • Keys Motors Miami, FL

  • Easy Pay Auto Inc., FL

  • The King of Trucks, FL

  • Wing Motors Automobiles, FL

  • Cars N Cars Inc, FL

  • Did you know? These BHPH Miami FL dealers are also good sources for full coverage vehicles. They will cover every repair and maintenance detail on a vehicle when the buyer makes a purchase here. This is because the vehicle's title will not have to be immediately released after the buy here pay here transaction. This ensures that the buyer will be fully protected in case of a repossession.

    The used-car buying experience is extremely easy when it comes to buying from a buy here pay here Miami dealership. The financing will actually be handled directly by the lending institutions that finance many different kinds of auto loans. Therefore, the buyers will never even have to step foot into a dealership to get the job done. The financing will be offered to them at the comfort of their own residence. Buyers are never under any obligation whatsoever to purchase anything from this particular dealership. As long as they can afford the payments, they can choose to buy here pay here.

  • America Auto Wholesale Inc, FL

  • Repo Auto Broker LLC, FL

  • Credit Cars USA, FL

  • Ocean Auto Sales, FL

  • Better Auto of Miami, FL

  • The phrase buy here pay here Miami FL car lots might have been coined recently to draw in buyers who don't have a lot of extra money to spend on their cars. Miami Buy here pay here car lots are those that do not require you to leave your home before you can buy your new car. These lots accept your payment in advance and usually give you a lot of time to shop around for the best deal. The reason these lots are so attractive is because you do not have to worry about financing your vehicle while at the same time still giving the dealer an opportunity to earn their fee. In order to make sure you are getting the right car, you want to be sure you are getting the best price possible.

  • Concept Auto Inc, FL

  • Crazy Motors, FL

  • Citi Cars Inc, FL

  • Buy here pay here Miami FL no down payment dealerships

    Looking for Miami Buy here pay here dealerships with low or no down payment? Welll, you are on right place now. Here we have listed 18 best BHPH Miami FL dealers you can contact to buy your vehicle. is an online portal which connects you with a nearby Miami's car dealer in your area that will be most helpful to you. Once a dealer accepts your application for financing your vehicle you will be contacted to visit the dealer and shop your choice. We don't charge anything here. This portal is just to connect you with the best buy here pay here Miami dealership.

    Buy here pay here Miami FL car lots dealers

    Buy Here Pay Here Miami FL Car Lots are the dealers who are specializes in helping people who have no credit, bad credit, low credit, or have been denied due to bankruptcy drive again. If you are looking to buy vehicle and have low credit it is quite difficult to get approved through traditional financing. Thus we offer an solution to find Miami FL BHPH dealer you can contact for in house auto financing directly from the dealership to you. Even with bad credit or bankruptcy, these dealers can help you get the financing you need. We have listed 18 dealers above sorted by reviews and location near you. Feel free to view profile, read reviews and contact them you will the best financing you need to buy your vehicle.

    How does buy here pay here Miami work?

    Well, the process is simple. You go to one of these 18 lots, you present your vehicle information, and then the salesperson will let you know what the going prices are for the particular model you are looking at. You can also go and see the rest of the cars if there are any. Once you find the one you are interested in, you can come back any time to buy it.

    Miami FL buy here pay here Reviews

    Here is what users says about Miami BHPH dealers listed here. You can read reviews of individual dealer at their profile page.

    1. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Aggee Talleyrand
      Aggee Talleyrand rated Miami Car Credit

      When i came in James was a great help. He showed great experience and patience in helping me select my new vehicle. He helped make sure that i got in car i wanted and the overall experience 10/10 officially my car buying place. Recommend to everyone, they will work with you.

    2. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Natallia Slabko
      Natallia Slabko rated Miami Car Credit

      Went here because of amazing reviews online and now I know why there are amazing reviews! Left the place with this beautiful car the same day. ? Derek is outstanding, made everything went as smooth as possible. Explained absolutely everything! (I went to Audi dealership before and the lady over there couldn’t explain even half of what Derek did.) Thank you Derek and Miami Car Credit for this wonderful car ? Highly recommend this place!

    3. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Erick Posada
      Erick Posada rated Auction Direct Miami

      I am very satisfied with my audi a6. They give u/me/us great deals, they will have u driving a new/used car. I even recommend my cousin and he is driving home in a new/used car today!. Auction direct Miami is what's happening

    4. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Chanitte Byrd
      Chanitte Byrd rated Auction Direct Miami

      Literally made my day! Thanks to Josh and Jay they got me the car I wanted and the payments I needed! Y’all go head and see them you won’t be disappointed

    5. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Flor Mora
      Flor Mora rated Buy Here Miami Auto Sales

      Great place to purchase good quality and affordable cars. They work with your budget and the customer service is great. They did all maintenance on the spot and the car was spotless. highly recommend this place.

    6. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Kalil Adams
      Kalil Adams rated Buy Here Miami Auto Sales

      Fantastic customer service, very family oriented and the vehicles are very affordable, the owner keep it real hes very honest and the entire staff want to help you at all times, I strongly recommend them and I will tell everyone to do business with these guys :)

    7. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Aaliyah GooBaby
      Aaliyah GooBaby rated Premium Cars Miami

      This is The Best car dealership I have ever been too. To start Rick who assisted myself and husband was welcoming and very start forward with questions that we had. He made sure that he gave all the of the information straight forward. I would definitely recommend my family to come he and slash for him directly. I also happy that we made the right choice by coming.

    8. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Taquilya Rogers
      Taquilya Rogers rated Premium Cars Miami

      We bought a 2015 impala from this dealership. Wonderful customer service from the manager David! I would definitely recommend this dealership.

    9. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by John Wesley
      John Wesley rated AUTOKING, INC

      You guys are really trying your best. #thumbs up

    10. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Alexander Rodriguez
      Alexander Rodriguez rated AUTOKING, INC

      excellent service, very friendly and professional.

    11. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Marie Coll
      Marie Coll rated Keys Motors Miami

      Thank you Lexi Ray and Omar for getting us approved not only with one car but with two very flexible dealer helpful and at heart truly will work with you .... This is the place I recommend any day .....number one used car dealer ship come here first and get APPROVED....... Don't do 15 dealers they make it easy.....

    12. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Val's Kitchen
      Val's Kitchen rated Keys Motors Miami

      The entire team at Keys Motors is the best... their level of professionalism in assisting me and my family was superb. They were very patient and explained everything thoroughly to our understanding. Yes my family and I definitely walked out with a beautiful SUV. I will recommend them to everyone that is looking to buy a beautiful reliable and affordable vehicle

    13. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Tracey Paz
      Tracey Paz rated Easy Pay Auto Inc.

      These people were wonderful. They understood My urgency for a car and my financial situation. They help me find one they were understanding , supportive and helpful. Frankie guided me through and I felt like we were good pals. It’s tough being a woman and not being taken advantage of when it comes to automobiles. I highly recommend these guys!

    14. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Fabian Florez
      Fabian Florez rated Easy Pay Auto Inc.

      After searching for a wile I found the best service and the help I was looking for with Guillermo and his team... I’m grateful because their professionalism save me from doing a very bad business with other car dealers. It was really easy to buy here...

    15. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Rodrigo Opalo
      Rodrigo Opalo rated The King of Trucks

      This isn't my first time at a car dealership but it was definitely the best. The team at The King Of Trucks were amazing. Great place to get your truck. Recomended!!

    16. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Gabriela Rodriguez
      Gabriela Rodriguez rated The King of Trucks

      Great service and best seller Magela. The truck is beautiful and working good. Thanks to all the staff of The King of trucks.

    17. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Elizabeth Marin
      Elizabeth Marin rated Wing Motors Automobiles

      I had such an amazing experience I came in and left with a car. Rey took care of me and was such an amazing seller. Helped me out a lot I highly recommend to come get you car here !

    18. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Jose Ruiz
      Jose Ruiz rated Wing Motors Automobiles

      My mother told me to go back to Wings Motors.. Boy she was right.. Let see Ray sales super professional and super helpful without the pressuring me to buy He let me take my time . Also helping me to fine the right car.. Delightful and friendly and helping me to get the best price . I'm really happy with my car..this is my second car did I bought in Wings Motors. Also Victor the mechanic took from his busy day the time to explain me all I need to know about my car. thanks to him I feel much safer driving my car.. And the people in the office everyone come to me and my mother to say hello.and paper work was done in minutes and everyone smile all the time don't see that in Miami anymore.. From Sales to mechanic and costumer service 5 stars is too low I give you a 100 stars..thank you so much for everything you guys are done for me And Happy Holidays to everyone...

    19. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Juan Mendieta
      Juan Mendieta rated Cars N Cars Inc

      Thanks to Humberto, I finally was able to get a car. So happy I bought it from cars n cars, he was very patient with me and waited till I was ready to buy. Definitely recommend this dealership!! If I could give 6 stars I would!

    20. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Andrea Espinosa
      Andrea Espinosa rated Cars N Cars Inc

      Cars are extremely clean and in great condition for being used . Owner is a remarkable person .

    21. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by DIEGO JIMENEZ
      DIEGO JIMENEZ rated America Auto Wholesale Inc

      Great people to work with regarding sales and service. Been doing business with them for many years. No inflated prices nor double talk. Straight up, honest dealings. Service advisors, actually advise. Highly recommend this dealership.Will be a customer for life.

    22. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Melissa Hends
      Melissa Hends rated America Auto Wholesale Inc

      This is a very nice place. Kind people. And they help me with my credit situation. I purchase a very nice infinity and I’m super happy.

    23. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Pedro  Sotolongo
      Pedro Sotolongo rated Repo Auto Broker LLC


    24. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Olberto Liza
      Olberto Liza rated Repo Auto Broker LLC

      Siempre tienes solución a tu problema respecto si quieres obtener un auto muy flexible a tu economía

    25. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by keegan laguerre
      keegan laguerre rated Credit Cars USA

      This place is awesome guys , best place ever to go someone to get the deal and the car you want , look NO GAMES , NO FAKE DEALS AND THEY TAKE GOOD CARE OF PEOPLE . THE GUY THAN I GOT MY DEAL WITH IS JAY I WANTED THE OWNER TO KNOW HOW GOOD HE IS IN DOING HIS JOB I HAD A GREAT TIME WHEN I WAS BUYING MY CAR THE ATTENDANCE WAS SO GOOD I GET A SECOND CAR FROM THAT SAME PLACE FOR THAT GREAT WAS MY FIRST ONE . Thank You so much remember everyone the Address is this one ( 9937 NW 27 ST ) and The BEST SELLER IS Mr JAY . I'm Keegan . Nice to shared that review with all of You ALL. Next time ya'll gonna have picture bcuz there I brought friends and coworkers for hest deal , well this car is one of them a friend of Me gonna get . Isn't CUTE FOLKS.

    26. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Ethnie Etienne
      Ethnie Etienne rated Credit Cars USA

      Great people great service

    27. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Eddie Menendez
      Eddie Menendez rated Ocean Auto Sales

      Best ever , hassle free ,fair and a good price. Even bought a second car.(later on )

    28. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by valley alex
      valley alex rated Ocean Auto Sales

      Mario Bloom i highly recommend he was very polite. Took his time and explained to me about my car and the services. Not your typical salesman trying to push a car on you. Again highly recommended ????

    29. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by mya Lockhart
      mya Lockhart rated Better Auto of Miami

      Best experience. Juan made sure everything was taking care of the RIGHT WAY. Mind you this is my first car. Between Ramon and Juan putting up with my mother and how hard she was on them, they gave 110% effort to make it perfect. Thank you Better auto of Miami. Juan and Ramon were the FREAKING BEST????

    30. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Stephanie Delgado
      Stephanie Delgado rated Better Auto of Miami

      Just bought my car and everything was so easy... nobody wanted to approve me but Enrique Bicet was awesome to work with he’s very direct and honest which is what is always wanted in a salesman. 5 stars plus!

    31. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Brandy Mann
      Brandy Mann rated Concept Auto Inc

      Carlos and Ramez were great.. They treated me like family. I would definitely highly recommend them for any future car purchases !!

    32. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Dominque Brown
      Dominque Brown rated Concept Auto Inc

      Thank you. -Dominique

    33. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Walter Constantin
      Walter Constantin rated Crazy Motors

      Nice guy

    34. buy here pay here Miami dealer review by Javier Juarez
      Javier Juarez rated Crazy Motors

      M llega es muy bonito dealer

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