Top 14 Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Olathe KS

Looking for a used car dealer in Olathe KS but your credit is in bad shape?

Connect with top 14 buy here pay here Olathe KS car lot dealers who have made buying car a lot easier especially for people with bad credit. This list of Olathe's BHPH dealers is compiled after an extensive research based on customers’ reviews, rating, and location.

Favorable Outcomes:

  • Bad credit accepted
  • No or little down payment
  • Hassle-free process

Best Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Olathe KS

  • McCarthy Nissan, KS

  • McCarthy Olathe Hyundai, KS

  • Olathe Ford Lincoln, KS

  • McCarthy Chevrolet, KS

  • Honda of Olathe, KS

  • Have you ever considered buy here pay here Olathe KS car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships in Olathe KS compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. The biggest difference between a Olathe buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. This means that the monthly bills are made to your local auto dealer, not through some bank or other outside lender, and that the actual financial contract for your car is between you and the dealer only, instead of a bank or other outside lender. Here we have listed best such dealers sorted by reviews rating and everything you need to know about. We have also created a complete profile of each dealer so you can get everything including of contact details at one place for your next car purchase.

    When a buyer needs to purchase a vehicle, they will need to approach the Olathe dealer with financing needs. The financing will depend on many things, including the amount of the down payment, the credit score of the buyer, and the income of the buyer in Olathe. Many people fail to take the time to do proper research when they are shopping for a vehicle. They either go with the first financing company that they see or end up getting sold a "bad credit borrower" vehicle.

  • Santa Fe Auto Sales, KS

  • Robert Brogden Buick GMC, KS

  • Olathe Toyota, KS

  • Olathe Kia, KS

  • Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, KS

  • Did you know? These BHPH Olathe KS dealers are also good sources for full coverage vehicles. They will cover every repair and maintenance detail on a vehicle when the buyer makes a purchase here. This is because the vehicle's title will not have to be immediately released after the buy here pay here transaction. This ensures that the buyer will be fully protected in case of a repossession.

    The used-car buying experience is extremely easy when it comes to buying from a buy here pay here Olathe dealership. The financing will actually be handled directly by the lending institutions that finance many different kinds of auto loans. Therefore, the buyers will never even have to step foot into a dealership to get the job done. The financing will be offered to them at the comfort of their own residence. Buyers are never under any obligation whatsoever to purchase anything from this particular dealership. As long as they can afford the payments, they can choose to buy here pay here.

  • Kirk’s Auto Sales, KS

  • Mid America Auto Exchange, KS

  • Olathe Subaru, KS

  • Qually’s Auto Sales, KS

  • Why buy here pay here Olathe KS car dealerships is the right option?

    Usually, when you sign a contract to buy a car with a traditional car dealership, it involves a third party to provide loan for the vehicle. These auto lenders generally have very strict standards for getting the car loan approved. Therefore, the people with bad credit have to deal with car loan rejection. This is where Buy Here Pay Here Olathe KS car dealership comes which provides easy loan for the vehicle. With a buy here, pay here dealership, the dealer takes care of the entire buying process from selling the car to financing the car on its lot.

    BHPH Olathe KS dealerships work with a very straightforward process where buying a car and getting financed at the same time is made pretty simple. They specially work with people with poor or no credit. So no worries even if you have poor credit. Most of the time, the customer can drive their new vehicle the same day they visited the shop. This is an amazing experience you will ever have.

    How Buy Here Pay Here Olathe KS Works

    When the bank says no to your car loan, the buy here pay here Olathe KS car lots comes to guide you in the right direction to help you get the car of your choice. The process of buying used cars from a buy here pay here Olathe KS dealer is pretty simple which starts with your visit to any of the dealers listed here. You tell them your car requirement including a specific car model you’re looking for and overall budget. Based on your budget, the dealer shows you a number of cars with desired car models. Once you find the car of your choice, the dealer works with their own exclusive lender for financing the car. The dealer completes the small paper work and hands over the vehicle to you mostly on the same day.

    Buy Here Pay Here Olathe KS car lots – In-House Financing with Zero Down Payment

    After considering your monthly income and current situation, the dealer may offer you the purchase with no down payment at all. Even if there is any scope of down payment depending upon credit and the price of the vehicle then it starts with a very small amount. Overall, they provide you very customized and flexible financing option that best suits your particular situation.

    Usually, the payment cycle runs monthly and the loan term can run between 6 months to 5 years, heavily depend on the price of the car and the upfront payment you make.

    To make the buying process easier, most of the buy here pay here dealers don’t require expensive full coverage car insurance instead they provide vehicle with full coverage that covers repair and maintenance part. This ensures that the vehicle is fully protected.

    Know the Facts - Buy Here Pay Here Olathe KS Car lots Dealership

    The one thing is very true about buy here pay here Olathe KS is that it brings you the best conditioned cars with low miles and a good engine and all is made available at flexible financing options. But when you get your vehicle financed through a dealer’s in-house financing, the interest rates on loan are higher than the loan from a bank or credit union.

    The most of the buy here pay here dealers report the customers’ payment record to significant credit bureau which results into a positive effect on your credit score. Thus, by making timely payment, it does help to improve your credit score.

    Because these Olathe KS dealers deal with people with poor credit, so there is high risk in financing the vehicle to such people and that is why most of the vehicles are installed with tracking device to help locate the vehicle’s current location for repossession, in case the customer fails to make the payment.

    Buy Here Pay Here Olathe KS – Fast Approval Low or no credit score

    The buy here pay here Olathe KS dealers come with their in-house financing program that doesn’t take more than an hour to process the loan. This is a kind of service you will not get from regular dealers. This saves you a lot of time as well as gives you a hassle free car buying experience.

    Unlike regular dealers, BHPH dealers are more transparent about their pricing and terms of loan which gives peace of mind to the customers.

    BHPH Olathe KS Dealer – Preapproval of Application

    However, it is mandatory to visit the dealer shop to find the vehicle of your choice, but if you want to confirm beforehand whether the dealer will accept your loan application or not, then you can send your requirement online. Once the BHPH Olathe KS dealer confirms the approval of your application, you can schedule your visit to make the purchase. This again saves you time that you would have spent at dealership.

    Advice on BHPH dealership Olathe KS

    Generally, we advice customers to go to the traditional lenders first such as banks, credit unions, or finance company. But if your application gets rejection from all of these traditional options then BHPH dealers are the one who can make things possible for you irrespective of your poor credit score.

    Unlike traditional lenders, BHPH dealers understand the fact that genuine people may have bad credit score either due to huge medical bills or unexpected divorce or any other family issues. Therefore, they show the trust on these people and make the purchase possible for them.

    Average Credit Score to Buy a Used Car from BHPH dealer Olathe KS

    The credit score becomes very crucial when it comes to getting loan approval especially when it is through traditional financer like bank or credit union.

    If a customer is looking to buy a used car through traditional financing in Olathe KS, then credit score of that customer must be above 600. Anything below 600 only leads to application rejection.

    While buy here pay here Olathe KS accepts the request of these customers also who have credit score below 600. They provide loan on used car through special financing program. Thus, BHPH Olathe KS is a great option for those who have poor bank record and bad credit score.

    The credit score does not only determine the approval or rejection of the loan application but it also determines the interest rate. The lower the credit score will be, higher the interest rates you will pay. The BHPH dealers vary in interest rates, so you should compare their interest rates properly before venturing into any agreement.

    Olathe KS buy here pay here Reviews

    Here is what users says about Olathe BHPH dealers listed here. You can read reviews of individual dealer at their profile page.

    1. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Dave Golden

      Dave Golden rated McCarthy Nissan

      Great working with these guys. I live 3 hours away and could not travel to KC during the virus outbreak. They shot videos of the vehicle so I could see it. We made the deal and they brought it to my house. It was everything they said it would be. Very impressed.

    2. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Maureen Cameron

      Maureen Cameron rated McCarthy Nissan

      I research vehicles thoroughly. I look at MPG, towing capacity, prices, even colors but you can't really know if it is the right vehicle until you take a test drive. Taking a test drive is the only thing I intended to do when I walked into McCarthy Nissan after finding a used Honda Pilot in their inventory, but Tom Schneider made it really easy for me to drive away that evening in a new to me vehicle. Tom was busy finalizing another customer's purchase when I walked in, so I spent sometime with Justin checking out the Nissan's on the lot. Though Nissan's are a beautiful vehicle, my mind was wandering back to the Honda Pilot. When Tom was eventually freed up I was able to head out on a test drive and immediately fell in love. After a quick discussion and reviewing some financing, Evan finalized all of the paperwork for me to drive away in my new to me Honda Pilot. As busy as the dealership was that day, it was a very comfortable, easy transaction. I don't know that I have ever felt so relaxed making a large ticket item purchase. I absolutely love Piper the Pilot. I have now headed out on two road trips and have plans for several others over the summer and can't wait to get behind the wheel. It is exactly what I wanted in a vehicle and I can't thank Tom enough for helping me, Justin for riding around the lot and Evan for finalizing the paperwork. Thanks to everyone!

    3. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Roger Hylen

      Roger Hylen rated McCarthy Olathe Hyundai

      Joey @ Hyundai in Olathe, Kansas was EXCEPTIONAL!!! Hands-down, he gave us the best deal of any of the dealerships that we were negotiating with. He was extremely polite, and very helpful. A joy to work with! I would recommend Joey to anyone looking for a vehicle at that dealership!

    4. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Karen Dilks

      Karen Dilks rated McCarthy Olathe Hyundai

      I took my car in for an update on my system and they were quick and very helpful and friendly. We bought our second car at McCarthy Hyundai cause we love the cars and the people.

    5. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Gregg Dearth

      Gregg Dearth rated Olathe Ford Lincoln

      I wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of your parts department person who I only know as Jack. You probably already know what an excellent employee he is, but these days there are too few of us who take the time to pass along kudos for those who deserve our praise. My personal experience was nothing extraordinary. Just needed some small parts to fix the center console accessory power outlet in my newly acquired 2003 Ford Explorer. Jack could not have been more helpful. Despite my purchases being very minor he made an outstanding impression on me. He came across as caring, friendly, and made me feel most welcome at your dealership. He gave me excellent and complete information, which helped me fix a fault the previous owner (my brother) had lived with for several years. Being able to fix this left me with a great deal of satisfaction, and having Jack's knowledge of what was required really helped. So please nominate him for employee of the week, or whatever recognition you all provide and know that your dealership has earned my respect and admiration because of his performance.

    6. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Darron deBoer

      Darron deBoer rated Olathe Ford Lincoln

      Was shopping for a new (to me) used F150. Found what I was looking for online over the weekend at Olathe Ford. Joe S contacted me via email and helped facilitate the sale. Cory (in finance) was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend this duo (and Olathe Ford in general)!!

    7. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by William Reaves

      William Reaves rated McCarthy Chevrolet

      Great place to go to buy a car or truck. I have bought 2 trucks from this dealership in the last 8 years. Ask for Chris Madden, Chris will do a great job for you!

    8. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Sam Shields

      Sam Shields rated McCarthy Chevrolet

      This has been my best car buying experience to date. Samuel Searcy and the team at McCarthy Chevrolet went above to help me get the truck I wanted and met me half way which is important because I live 500 miles away. I have purchased many vehicles and have left the dealerships frustrated, this one I was happy with the entire process. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

    9. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Mark Witters

      Mark Witters rated Honda of Olathe

      Jacob handled everything extremely well, the service and recall were both completed promptly with not pressure for additional services. Not a big fan of the $20.00 shop fee as I feel that just negates the value of their coupons and all services don't require the same amount of shop material. Nice waiting room and overall a pleasant experience. Jacob was excellent.

    10. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Dawn Harriman

      Dawn Harriman rated Honda of Olathe

      I've had my Honda serviced there many times over the years. No appt, drive in and most times I can get in without a rush going on but sometimes there is so come back another day. While I wait, the customer's lounge is very nice. I bring my young granddaughter who can play with toys in the little playroom, there are free refreshments and drinks, and when my car is ready, the tech comes and finds me. I'm always told exactly what needs to be done before any work is done, and if I don't want it done, there is no pressure. I would recommend this place very highly if you are a Honda owner.

    11. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by David Alexander

      David Alexander rated Santa Fe Auto Sales

      I've personally never patronized Santa Fe Auto Sales... I know a few family members who have. He will work with you until you can't be worked with by anyone... I don't think of this place as simply a Buy Here Pay Here lot...although it is. Think of this place more as a local friend that happens to have a car that he's agreed to finance but needs 25% down. Call up if you need a hand, both before and after the sale. Small selection but not too shabby. Decent prices for this type of lot. You won't end up paying double because your credit is sucks... Just go. You'll see.

    12. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Jeffrey Dancinger

      Jeffrey Dancinger rated Santa Fe Auto Sales

      Bought a 2003 Nissan Maxima from this dealer a couple years ago for my Son. He Drove it to School and Work until this last Tuesday. We did some work on it and just lost it to a Traffic accident. In the market again and will be considering another purchase from this dealer.

    13. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Carson Housley

      Carson Housley rated Robert Brogden Buick GMC

      Just Wow! I had a wreck that totaled my car at a very inopportune time and I had a lot of a stress after it. A few days later I walked into Robert Brogden Buick GMC and Richard greeted us. From that moment on my stress went away and he was making me laugh and making me feel like I made a great choice choosing to go there. Richard was super informative, super personable and I never felt pressured for one second to get something I wasn’t happy with. I highly recommend Robert Brogden Buick GMC in Olathe and I highly recommend you go see Richard and experience a great car buying experience like I did.

    14. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Martina Miller

      Martina Miller rated Robert Brogden Buick GMC

      Obada was wonderful to work with! We had a great truck buying experience thanks to him. Obada answered all of our questions and was very professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend Obada and this dealership to my friends, family and co-workers. Also the truck was immaculate and they filled it with gas. Getting through the paperwork process was quick and smooth. Best purchasing experience we have ever had. We will be back for our next truck purchase

    15. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Eric Newlin

      Eric Newlin rated Olathe Toyota

      Greg B. was wonderfully helpful to work with. He and the rest of the sales team were professional and presented all our options without being pushy. They were responsive to our requests, answered all our questions, and helped us find the car that fit our needs. Daniel T. was likewise helpful and easy to work with in the payment/financing department. Thanks to him, it was a quick and well-informed process. Finally, thanks to Robert J. who helped us with our first car from Olathe Toyota. His level of service is what brought us back to purchase our second Toyota, five years after the first one.

    16. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Chad McFarland

      Chad McFarland rated Olathe Toyota

      Great amenities while waiting for regular service! WiFi, snacks, drinks, plenty of comfortable seating and work space and don’t forget about the massage chairs!

    17. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Belinda Kirkland

      Belinda Kirkland rated Olathe Kia

      They were very professional. They were able to get us into the vehicle we wanted with the features we wanted. Brent went above and beyond and was a straight forward shooter. The sales management team and finance team was upfront and honest about pricing, unlike some dealerships we have dealt with. Thank you so much for the New Kia Forte! 5 ? rating for the entire team at Olathe Kia.

    18. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Hannah Michelson

      Hannah Michelson rated Olathe Kia

      The salespeople are friendly are fair. They go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your decision. Got a great year-end deal on a Kia Sorento and I've been really happy with the car so far. I've had one experience with the service department - they are awesome. Honest and looking out for your best interest. Genuinely nice people here!

    19. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Bryan Marriott

      Bryan Marriott rated Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

      Bri at Olathe Jeep was the absolute best. She gave us a great rate but also worth noting was her fun attitude and knowledge of the Wrangler that we were looking at. She pulled up multiple Wranglers to look at and allowed us to drive it home (24 miles total) to make sure that it fit within our garage and adapted to our car seat. She put our family and needs first over just "selling a car". Huge shout out to the management team for hiring such a great person. If you're planning on buying a Jeep, give Bri a call.

    20. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Joyce Spillman

      Joyce Spillman rated Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

      The service was great. It took longer than I like. But there were quite a few little things that needed to be done. I was greeted with a friendly smile & everyone there was friendly. The customer waiting room was wiped down & disinfected 3 times while I was there. This was due to the virus going around now & made me feel more comfortable while waiting. All customers stayed a good distance apart as well. Great service.

    21. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Kevin Danciak

      Kevin Danciak rated Kirk’s Auto Sales

      I have bought three vehicles from Dusty and each experience was incredibly good. I typically do lots of research before purchasing a vehicle and found Dusty's prices were below what my research shows. i would encourage anybody that is interested in looking at a vehicle that they give Kirk's automotive a try.

    22. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by James Nodwell

      James Nodwell rated Kirk’s Auto Sales

      Purchased a 2004 Ford F150 XL 5.4 V8 8 foot bed for my lawn service 12/14/19. The price was spot on, Dusty came down and helped me more than any dealership I've been too. I am very satisfied and will refer others looking for a vehicle.

    23. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Carrie Schmidt

      Carrie Schmidt rated Mid America Auto Exchange

      This place changed my life in 24 hours. That may seem a bit extreme to some of you after reading my first sentence, so let me explain. After getting into a wreck your world can seem to be over. This was especially true for me who is a single mom with negative credit, needs a vehicle to make a living for two kids, and cannot have a huge car and insurance payment. I have been to many dealerships before, but I have never been to a dealership that didn’t give me that stereotypical “car salesman” sketchy vibe. That was until I walked into Mid America Auto Exchange. Johnnie greeted me at the door and helped me immediately with patience, understanding and professionalism. He never pushed anything onto me and answered my many questions, since I don’t know a lot about the car purchasing process. I never got the feeling like I was being taken advantaged of, because I am a “woman”. I thought that surely I was going to have to walk away because I would be denied, but they worked hard to help me get a car. Johnnie found me a reliable, good looking vehicle, that was in my price range. I am very pleased with my experience. If I need to get another car I WILL be going back. Thank you Johnnie, as well as Anthony for being class acts. I highly recommend buying a car here!

    24. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Jose Esparza

      Jose Esparza rated Mid America Auto Exchange

      Johnny and Anthony were very pleasant to work with. They made buying a truck easy and fast. I definitely recommend buying from Mid America Auto Exchange. They walked us through everything and gave us really good advice. Thank you for us into HIS dream truck and I hope to do business with you guys again.

    25. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Kat Bauer

      Kat Bauer rated Olathe Subaru

      Huge shout to Ariel! We love our Adventurer Crosstrek. Great for NC mountain living!

    26. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Edwin Kimari

      Edwin Kimari rated Olathe Subaru

      Booking an appointment was easy for me, which I did yesterday. I checked in today and maintenance was completed quicker than I anticipated. Thank you.

    27. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Jill Jurgeson

      Jill Jurgeson rated Qually’s Auto Sales

      Honest father and son. Bought a good car for a good price. My dad who is usually a hard sell was impressed. Would recommend them again to anyone.

    28. buy here pay here Olathe dealer review by Joshua Hindman

      Joshua Hindman rated Qually’s Auto Sales

      Outstanding dealership with competitive pricing, but still a trustworthy team. I didn't feel like I was going to get taken for a ride with any sort of gimmick. Will be coming back!

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