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Checkout our list of 15 top buy here pay here car lots dealers in Bellevue WA sorted by highest rating. We have ranked the Bellevue's BHPH dealers based on reviews, location and our internal ranking system to provide you with the list of best dealers only.

  • Acura of Bellevue, WA

  • Cadillac of Bellevue, WA

  • Super America Auto Sales Inc., WA

  • CarHop Auto Sales & Finance, WA

  • CarHop Auto Sales & Finance, WA

  • Have you ever considered buy here pay here Bellevue WA car dealerships? If so, have you heard of them? There are many advantages to buying a car through a buy here pay here dealerships in Bellevue WA compared to purchasing a vehicle through an individual or a private seller. The biggest difference between a Bellevue buy here pay here dealerships and a typical local dealership is that with buy here pay here dealers, nearly everything goes through your local auto dealer directly. This means that the monthly bills are made to your local auto dealer, not through some bank or other outside lender, and that the actual financial contract for your car is between you and the dealer only, instead of a bank or other outside lender. Here we have listed best such dealers sorted by reviews rating and everything you need to know about. We have also created a complete profile of each dealer so you can get everything including of contact details at one place for your next car purchase.

    When a buyer needs to purchase a vehicle, they will need to approach the Bellevue dealer with financing needs. The financing will depend on many things, including the amount of the down payment, the credit score of the buyer, and the income of the buyer in Bellevue. Many people fail to take the time to do proper research when they are shopping for a vehicle. They either go with the first financing company that they see or end up getting sold a "bad credit borrower" vehicle.

  • Toyota of Kirkland, WA

  • Bellevue Nissan, WA

  • Buick GMC of Kirkland, WA

  • Ford of Kirkland, WA

  • Doug’s Credit Center, WA

  • Did you know? These BHPH Bellevue WA dealers are also good sources for full coverage vehicles. They will cover every repair and maintenance detail on a vehicle when the buyer makes a purchase here. This is because the vehicle's title will not have to be immediately released after the buy here pay here transaction. This ensures that the buyer will be fully protected in case of a repossession.

    The used-car buying experience is extremely easy when it comes to buying from a buy here pay here Bellevue dealership. The financing will actually be handled directly by the lending institutions that finance many different kinds of auto loans. Therefore, the buyers will never even have to step foot into a dealership to get the job done. The financing will be offered to them at the comfort of their own residence. Buyers are never under any obligation whatsoever to purchase anything from this particular dealership. As long as they can afford the payments, they can choose to buy here pay here.

    Buy Here Pay Here vehicles are almost always sold with full coverage on the odometer. The dealer will add the actual retail cost of the car to the principal amount owed on the loan once it is sold. In many cases, the entire amount of the financed vehicle's retail price is covered by the lender, which means that the buyer will never have to worry about making any payments that fall outside of the monthly budget outlined for him or her. This includes making payments on fees and accrued interest. These types of financing transactions also allow buyers who need to drive a specific kind of car or model to get one that fits their budget.

  • AutoNation Ford Bellevue, WA

  • Hyundai of Kirkland, WA

  • AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Bellevue, WA

  • Hyundai of Seattle, WA

  • Babylon Auto Sales Inc, WA

  • The phrase buy here pay here Bellevue WA car lots might have been coined recently to draw in buyers who don't have a lot of extra money to spend on their cars. Bellevue Buy here pay here car lots are those that do not require you to leave your home before you can buy your new car. These lots accept your payment in advance and usually give you a lot of time to shop around for the best deal. The reason these lots are so attractive is because you do not have to worry about financing your vehicle while at the same time still giving the dealer an opportunity to earn their fee. In order to make sure you are getting the right car, you want to be sure you are getting the best price possible.

    Buy here pay here Bellevue WA no down payment dealerships

    Looking for Bellevue Buy here pay here dealerships with low or no down payment? Welll, you are on right place now. Here we have listed 15 best BHPH Bellevue WA dealers you can contact to buy your vehicle. is an online portal which connects you with a nearby Bellevue's car dealer in your area that will be most helpful to you. Once a dealer accepts your application for financing your vehicle you will be contacted to visit the dealer and shop your choice. We don't charge anything here. This portal is just to connect you with the best buy here pay here Bellevue dealership.

    Buy here pay here Bellevue WA car lots dealers

    Buy Here Pay Here Bellevue WA Car Lots are the dealers who are specializes in helping people who have no credit, bad credit, low credit, or have been denied due to bankruptcy drive again. If you are looking to buy vehicle and have low credit it is quite difficult to get approved through traditional financing. Thus we offer an solution to find Bellevue WA BHPH dealer you can contact for in house auto financing directly from the dealership to you. Even with bad credit or bankruptcy, these dealers can help you get the financing you need. We have listed 15 dealers above sorted by reviews and location near you. Feel free to view profile, read reviews and contact them you will the best financing you need to buy your vehicle.

    How does buy here pay here Bellevue work?

    Well, the process is simple. You go to one of these 15 lots, you present your vehicle information, and then the salesperson will let you know what the going prices are for the particular model you are looking at. You can also go and see the rest of the cars if there are any. Once you find the one you are interested in, you can come back any time to buy it.

    Bellevue WA buy here pay here Reviews

    Here is what users says about Bellevue BHPH dealers listed here. You can read reviews of individual dealer at their profile page.

    1. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Jim Torres
      Jim Torres rated Acura of Bellevue

      From beginning to end, I received outstanding service. I was received very well, received consistent updates and outstanding value. The car is running as good as ever thanks to the service received. Many, many thanks to the outstanding team in the Service group at Acura of Bellevue.

    2. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Ben Coffin
      Ben Coffin rated Acura of Bellevue

      This spring I was searching for a new vehicle for my wife. I was hoping to keep it a birthday surprise if possible. Jeremy Seager and Acura of Bellevue were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. They provided plenty of information and options and gave me time to consider. After shopping around nobody could beat their offers. My wife was totally surprised and says almost every day how much she loves her new MDX. Thank you Jeremy and AB!

    3. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Robert Palmer
      Robert Palmer rated Cadillac of Bellevue

      Super friendly staff. We went in to test drive a ct6. They had us on the road quickly. Very comfortable. Super impressed. Other dealerships we visited were pushy but not these guys. They were very respectful and polite. Great experience.

    4. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Solomon Woldeyes
      Solomon Woldeyes rated Cadillac of Bellevue

      I had a very good purchasing experience with Cadillac of Bellevue. We traded in our 2012 Escalade ESV for a brand new 2019 Escalade ESV, the car is so nice with the latest technology. I really like the adaptive cruise control, we take long road trips and being able to just set at a certain speed and not to have to adjust the cruise control constantly is a bless. The salesperson, Jason Liu, went so far to do a second delivery at our house, explaining all the features to our daughter. We'd recommend buying cars from this dealership and Jason Liu

    5. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Mikkel N
      Mikkel N rated Super America Auto Sales Inc.

      Super Auto America was a great experience. I love my new Mercury Mountaineer! Lou was a real help in guiding my decision to buy, and Mercedes helped out with all the paperwork. Their partner loan agent was also really flexible and worked with my constraints of not great credit and a lower down payment than I would of expected. I would buy my car from them again anytime.

    6. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by DW Sommerville
      DW Sommerville rated Super America Auto Sales Inc.

      This is the Best Pre - Owned car lot I have been to as a Consumer (38+ Years) of Pre - Owned Automobiles

    7. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Doreen Mauava
      Doreen Mauava rated CarHop Auto Sales & Finance

      Hey. Jason . I thank you for everything you have done for us. We came for your help to get us a car . And you done your best to get us the best car. I would like to thank you and there are no words in my mouth to give you my thanks. But I really appreciate it your help. Thank you so much for your time. Good bless .

    8. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Steve Horton
      Steve Horton rated CarHop Auto Sales & Finance

      Susan was amazing! This was my first car but she talked me through the process and it was very comfortable. I have less than ideal credit but Susan still managed to get me into a car that was less than 10 years old. Kudos!

    9. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Amili Hay
      Amili Hay rated CarHop Auto Sales & Finance

      Chase was amazing! I went in never having bought a car from a car place before, I have bad credit due and wasn't sure I would qualify for anything. I was also super anxious and nervous but Chase put me at ease with his friendly personality and casual attitude. He helped me get the perfect car and explained things very well! I ended up not being able to get the car the first day because the banks closed early but Chase was very understanding and helped me figure things out. I got the car in the morning with no trouble and I'm super happy with it! Thank you Chase!!!

    10. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Bella Gold
      Bella Gold rated CarHop Auto Sales & Finance

      Great low prices, extremely helpful staff that is able to get you in a vehicle same day. The company even offers financing so your able to take care of everything. Such a great experience and they even offer a 18,000 miles /18 month warranty what a great deal!. Stop by today. All that is needed is a few docs like paystub, photo ID and a piece of mail, so simple!!!

    11. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Katie Silver
      Katie Silver rated Toyota of Kirkland

      We had a great experience with Andrew, the entire Sales Dept., and Alina in Finance at Toyota of Kirkland. I have purchased A LOT of cars and I have never been able to say the finance experience was good either! Everyone was easy to talk to, friendly, and not at all pushy! I feel great about my purchase and probably won't buy a vehicle anywhere else!

    12. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Nate Heath
      Nate Heath rated Toyota of Kirkland

      The process was very easy and stress free. Nelson did a great job of walking me through all the details of my purchase. I was able to take the car home during my test drive so my wife could see it and take it for a spin. Ultimately, I got the deal I wanted. I am super happy with my purchase and would recommend Toyota of Kirkland to others.

    13. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by HOLLY HALLMAN
      HOLLY HALLMAN rated Bellevue Nissan

      Mikhail Jatekar was impressive! He kept in touch with us through the weeks it took to make our decision. He was never pushy. He was eager to listen, find information, wait. He had to do a lot of that. He showed great concern for us during the first days of the virus outbreak! We wish Mikhail the best!

    14. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Dan Rondeau
      Dan Rondeau rated Bellevue Nissan

      Second time into Bellevue Nissan for Service and worked with Dave Florer. A+++ Amazing experience - and the best part was that everything was done under warranty - so $0 cost. They washed my truck for me, fixed the exhaust issue, and got me back on the road. They also provided me with a free loaner for the 5 days they had my truck. Thank you again and I will be sure to come back and see you soon!

    15. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Mikal Eide
      Mikal Eide rated Buick GMC of Kirkland

      Incredible customer service, let’s start off with the fact that we shopped all around the country and then we ended up working with Kirkland. Timmy is the guy to go to. We told him what we wanted, he was incredibly knowledgeable, he responded, huge portion of things and then he got one of our company members their dream truck. When it came in, Timmy spend the good part of an hour with us, walking through all the features a Denali has. What a great experience, I would recommend them over anywhere in the Northwest for your new GMC. Thanks Timmy for getting us exactly what we were looking for, with no compromises.

    16. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Kenny Drennen
      Kenny Drennen rated Buick GMC of Kirkland

      This was by far the best car buying experience I have ever experienced. Jonathan did an amazing job with getting back to me with all of my questions and was very professional. Most importantly they gave me a great deal on a brand new AT4. The sales manager did a amazing job with pricing. Also the man in finance did an amazing job as well. Best experience I have ever had by far buying a new vehicle. The vehicle was clean and full off gas when I got there to pick it up. Everything was explained to me in full detail. The hole thing took less than a hr and a half. Very happy customer. Will go back for sure and send friends and family there way. Thanks again Jonathan.

    17. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Dustin Cleary
      Dustin Cleary rated Ford of Kirkland

      Bought two cars here, both Ford Escapes of different years. First time used, this time brand new. I will definitely shop here again. As with any dealership experience, state your needs. With this particular dealership, state your needs and they will be met ? Nima did the work to get me out of a car with 180k that I was upside down on, and I left with a 5%> interest rate satisfied and with an awesome new rig. Thanks!

    18. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Jonathan Zagrean
      Jonathan Zagrean rated Ford of Kirkland

      First off, I would like to say that my wife and I had a very good experience at this dealership. Inna Z. was extremely helpful and respectful throughout the entire process. She helped us find a super nice 2016 Ford Explorer Limited that we absolutely love. She didn’t pressure us in anyway (which I absolutely hate when car salesman try to do that). We brought home a beautiful family car for us (and our soon to be first- born son) for a reasonable price. Thank you Ford of Kirkland!??

    19. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Ciara Marie
      Ciara Marie rated Doug’s Credit Center

      I would recommend Doug’s Credit Center to anyone in the market of car buying! Rusty made the entire experience a breeze. He wasnt pushy at all and was able to answer all of the questions I had! He listened to my wants and needs and was able to get me into an affordable car, thanks guys!

    20. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Micka Austin
      Micka Austin rated Doug’s Credit Center

      I was having a hard time getting financed but Brent Witsman got me in to a new SUV. My first brand new vehicle and I didn't sit at the dealership all day plus he worked with me on down payment and I was upside down in a previous car note so thank you

    21. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Jerome Hewlett
      Jerome Hewlett rated AutoNation Ford Bellevue

      The service team at AutoNation Ford in Bellevue Washington are great. Always looking out for your best interest. Never trying to up sell and giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. I have been with them for over 5 years and they are the main reason I continue to buy from Ford.

    22. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Kelsi Lucier
      Kelsi Lucier rated Hyundai of Kirkland

      I bought a 2015 Accent here 4 years ago and I LOVE it! I'm unfortunately moving 4+ hours away but I will still bring my car here since I have a warranty and the staff here is AWESOME! I feel like my car is well taken care of and I love how fast they are too! I came in at 7:30 and I was told I might be there until 2pm ish but ended up getting out of there around 9:45! They do an excellent job!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

    23. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Bob Quick
      Bob Quick rated Hyundai of Kirkland

      My wife and I just bought a new Hyundai Tucson and were represented by Jessica. Our experience with her was fabulous. She was extremely responsive to our many questions and test drives over a period of about a month. When I emailed, texted, or called her, she would get back to us quickly. We never felt any pressure from her during the entire process. We would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a Hyundai.

    24. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Brianna Ross
      Brianna Ross rated AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Bellevue

      I know I’m not alone when I say this, but I HATE CAR SHOPPING! It stresses me out. But Ramon was a great sales associate & made the whole process enjoyable!! I came in knowing exactly what I wanted, what I wanted to pay, & he showed me what inventory they had that fit my criteria. The manager, Starr, and the finance manager, Jim, made the financial part of the deal easy & painless!! They were all so friendly & I really appreciated how stress-free the whole process was. I got my dream car & the best part was it was a stress-free, enjoyable process from start to finish & it’s all thanks to the excellent staff I got to work with. AutoNation does not disappoint! Go see Ramon! ?

    25. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Don Witmer
      Don Witmer rated AutoNation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Bellevue

      Service was for a prior mechanical issue that had been repaired outside of any warranty. I had an engine light come on that appeared to be related to the previous repair. The service department scheduled my appointment and I dropped the vehicle off. It took 2 days for the issue to be diagnosed properly. The service manager contacted me and informed me during the process. The issue turned out to be a faulty Mopar part (the same part previously replaced). The repair was completed and everything is back to normal. The only downside was that I had to pay for 2 days of a rental car. This dealership does not pay for a loaner vehicle. Don

    26. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Faith Suh
      Faith Suh rated Hyundai of Seattle

      Excellent service! Colin assisted me with getting my car repairs done and was very informative through the whole process. He was succinct with his recommendations without trying to sell me unnecessary repairs. He was very conscientious of total cost and did a great job outlining my financial commitment. Per my request, he also organized a shuttle to pick me up the morning I retrieved my car at the dealership. Overall, great service and I'm very happy with my experience at Hyundai of Seattle.

    27. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by jim walen
      jim walen rated Hyundai of Seattle

      The staff here is knowledgeable and helpful in all things Hyundai. They have a great selection and a facility that, although slightly dated, is clean a gave me confidence in doing business here.

    28. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by wasan fatat
      wasan fatat rated Babylon Auto Sales Inc

      Nice people very friendly

    29. buy here pay here Bellevue dealer review by Mohoz clips Mysterious
      Mohoz clips Mysterious rated Babylon Auto Sales Inc

      Down to earth really cool and interesting guy very helpful got an amazing deal on my new truck thx al!

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